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Posted 12/29/13 at 6:44 pm ET

Interview: Ashley Clements talks The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, fandom, and her career

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Ashley Clements

Last year The Lizzie Bennet Diaries revolutionized the web with its charming adaptation of Jane Austen’s much beloved Pride and Prejudice. Featuring a grad student who week after week shared the goings-on of her life with thousands of people through her vlog, LBD stole the hearts of viewers scattered all around the world and skyrocketed its way to the top of Best P&P Adaptations lists.

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Posted 9/24/13 at 1:26 pm ET

Castle Season 6 Premiere: And the answer is…

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Castle 6.01b

Had it not been for a pesky little thing called word minimum, this review would consist simply of several “OMG!” read in different tones of voice, with a few “awwwww!” thrown in to spice things up and one final, very loud, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW”. Courtesy of Rob Hanning (“Demons”, “Swan Song”) Castle’s sixth season premiere aired last night, in an episode that was choked with humor, romance and tension in spades.

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Posted 6/29/13 at 1:06 pm ET

The Fall ‘The Vast Abyss’ review: A belated love letter to the season finale

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TF 1x05

Right. Okay. This review comes well beyond the realms of what’s reasonable, but frankly, when one is squeezing two semesters into one, said person (aka me) becomes quite single-minded during finals. But fear not! Finals are over, at least until early August, and here I am, ready to gush about The Fall’s first season finale.

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Posted 6/7/13 at 11:54 pm ET

The Fall ‘My Adventurous Song’ review: Upgrading the creepy factor

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SG TF104

I finished the last episode of The Fall a couple of hours ago, and it’s taken me this long to stop double (and triple) checking my locks. However brilliant this series is, and however problematic on some respects, if I had to use only one word to describe it, I’d go with “creepy”.

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Posted 6/1/13 at 3:13 pm ET

The Fall ‘Insolence & Wine’ review: Also known as a love letter to Stella

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the fall Insolence & Wine

And it just keeps getting better. The third episode of The Fall, “Insolence & Wine”, took the most solid factors of the first couple of episodes and turned them up another notch. With the sexualized violence mercifully gone, all the characters got some much deserved focus and the investigation of the three victims gained speed – and it was glorious.

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Posted 5/24/13 at 1:38 pm ET

BBC’s The Fall review: Not for the faint of heart

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Have you ever watched Once Upon a Time? I have. Over a year later and I’m still not over Graham’s death. So when I saw that Jamie Dornan was to star in BBC The Fall along with former X Files star Gillian Anderson, I jumped at the chance to see him on my screen again.

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Posted 5/14/13 at 9:41 pm ET

Castle season 5 finale recap: Will they or won’t they?

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castle 524

What a rollercoaster this Castle season finale was. I was almost completely unspoiled for it, save for some speculation I’d stumbled upon on Tumblr, and so by the time the episode ended I was sitting on the floor, my jaw brushing the floor and with no idea whatsoever as to what to think or feel.

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Posted 5/7/13 at 5:15 pm ET

Castle ‘The Human Factor’ recap: Things change

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It’s hard to believe that Castle’s fifth season is almost over. In “The Human Factor”, Andrew Marlowe and Co. plant the seeds of what promises to be an emotional season finale and an important change in Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

When Dale Tanner’s car blows to pieces along with its owner, the team finds it extremely hard to investigate – on accounts of having all the evidence wiped away by the feds.

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Posted 5/2/13 at 12:52 am ET

Castle ‘Still’ recap: He never promised not to come back

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Ahh, the much publicized 21st (or should we say 22nd?) episode. Written by Rob Hanning and directed by Bill Roe, “Still” begins with Castle taking Beckett a tray with coffee, the newspaper and roses to bed. He watches as she wakes up, and the two share a conversation about the case she was working on the night before (someone blew up an apartment downtown) and whether she fell for him at first sight (he says yes, she claims he’s delusional).

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Posted 4/23/13 at 11:16 pm ET

Castle ‘The Squab and the Quail’ recap: The honeymoon is over. Now what?

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Before we get on with this recap, I’d like to point out that “The squab and the quail” was supposed to be the 22nd episode of the season; however, “Still”, the original 21st and an episode that deals with a bomb threat, was postponed due to last week’s tragic events in Boston.

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