“No, they’re just showing off to prove they’re bigger – richer – better. I’m gonna do that… with weed!” – Nancy

This week on Weeds that annoying goth chick Emma finally got busted by Shane’s buddies down at the FBI. It feels like not a whole lot got accomplished in general this episode yet somehow it didn’t feel cumbersome as the tension was at its highest since the season started.

Silas is clearly not pleased at Nancy's lack of support.

The scene opens with Silas announcing the new partnership between the Botwin’s business and Pouncy House. Nancy obviously disagrees as she knows what Pouncy House’s soon-to-be fate is from her encounter with the FBI agent. This heightens suspense right off the bat and puts you directly in a state of uneasiness about the stability of the family business.

Nancy’s time is largely spent chatting up some yuppies at the country club party put on to get people to invest into the company for which Doug now works. During her time conversing she realizes that if people are willing to spend $3700 on a bottle of wine from France just because they can afford to, why not do the same thing with her (primo) MILF weed? Being the shrewd business-woman she is, she quickly heads down to a nearby store to buy fancy boxes and ribbons. A sales-pitch montage follows and we see her make an easy $10,000+ by selling to the far-too-wealthy business elite.

The adults’ part of the story is a peaceful retreat from the explosive drama happening back home. As I mentioned, Emma gets arrested and Silas tries to rebuild the customer database. As Nancy arrives home though, Silas confronts her about tipping the FBI off about Emma. Things don’t end well, with Silas ending with the conclusion of them officially being in competition with each other.