My favourite family drama, Parenthood, returns to our screens tomorrow with a brand-new Braverman problems in the aptly titled “Road Trip”. The episode finds Zeke organizing a family road trip to visit his mother for her 84th birthday. However problems start arising when he finds that his family isn’t as excited as he wants them to be, and Zeke struggles to hold the whole thing together…

IN AN ATTEMPT TO PLEASE HIS MOTHER ON HER BIRTHDAY, ZEEK FORCES A LAST MINUTE ROAD TRIP WHICH STIRS UP MANY EMOTIONS AND ISSUES FOR THE BRAVERMAN CLAN – Seeking his mother’s approval, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) demands the entire family caravan on a road trip where they encounter many road blocks along the way. While spending time on the road, Adam (Peter Krause) connects with Haddie (Sarah Ramos), Sarah (Lauren Graham) confronts an embarrassing issue with Drew (Miles Heizer), and Julia (Erika Christensen) learns to appreciate Crosby’s (Dax Shepard) odd personality. Meanwhile, Kristina (Monica Potter) struggles to enforce a harsh punishment she gave to Max (Max Burkholder) for acting out.

Here are some sneak peeks that show just how out-of-sync the rest of the family is with Zeke’s enthusiasm for this trip, and simmering issues that will no doubt boil up as the Braverman clan spends the next few days together:

[flv: 640 360]

As everyone gets ready to leave, Zeke is disappointed that Kristina and Max have decided to stay behind.

[flv: 640 360]

Still upset that things haven’t gone perfectly according to plan, Zeke snaps at his children as they enjoy drinks at the motel.

Every episode of Parenthood is designed to make you cry, so I have no doubt that this one will follow through and deliver the goods. To be quite honest, I was quite upset that Seth left in the first half of the season without getting a proper chance with Sarah, so I’m not looking forward to anything in particular for rest of the season, though I am excited for Kristina and Adam to finally find a way discipline Max. As always, I love Jasmine/Jabbar/Crosby moments, so I hope we get some this episode. Other than that, I guess we’ll see where the road takes us!

Remember to have you tissue boxes out when you tune in tonight!

Parenthood returns 10pm eastern/pacific Tuesday on NBC.


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