So Heba had this idea to make a weekly post of our favorite scenes and/or quotes of the past week — so I’m stealing it and taking credit. (I guess it doesn’t really count if I told you, huh? Silly me, I could just delete the previous sentence. But then I have to actually hold delete down… ah, moving on…)

There was a lot of good (and bad) moments on television this week, but here’s what stood out to us the most from Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Revenge, and more!

Elodie | Gossip Girl‘s Nate deciding that hosting a high school party is an awesome idea because a) he is that stupid and b) even the writers admit that this show was better with high school as the focus.

Heba | Blair and Dan kissing on Gossip Girl. I squealed for like 10 minutes straight. “I just want you to be happy. Tell me what would make you happy, Dan.” It was perfect, simply perfect.

Heather | Since Heba covered the kiss, I will say my favorite non-Dair related scene this week was the reveal Daniel Greyson wasn’t the one shot at the Fire and Ice party on Revenge. I didn’t squeal quite as loudly as I did for the Gossip Girl kiss, but it was close. My Daniel lives another day!

Michael | In the best episode of 30 Rock this season (which isn’t saying much) came one of the best scenes in the series’ history (which is actually saying a lot): a clever parallel between Jack and Liz honing in on their best Batman and Joker personalities, respectively. Liz’s laugh/cough while walking into the darkness was pure perfect — plus the cinematography to boot!

Kate | For Gossip Girl, it was the clothes honestly. The uniforms made me all nostalgic (the scarf, the scarf!), Serena looked so cute, and while Queen B wasn’t in on that part, at least she was wearing a very pretty dress! At least they didn’t break my sartorial heart on Monday? And now time for something completely different… On Top Gear UK, I adored seeing Matt LeBlanc as their star in a reasonably priced car. Great interview, great lap! And Richard covering NASCAR made me weep, only because that segment alone can be held up as a definitive example for why Top Gear UK crushes Top Gear US, who did basically the same segment last year and it was rubbish. For example, last year I groaned through that entire segment, “Ugh, NASCAR?” while this year- my Hammond fan girling aside, I thought, “Maybe… not… awful?”

Adey | The whole game show skit where Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Kristen Wiig during this week’s Saturday Night Live made me completely lose it.

McKenzie | My favorite scene of the week was during the Grey‘s/Private Practice crossover when Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) was in the bathroom crying over Mason’s mom (she said Charlotte would have to be his mother if she died). It showed a completely different side to her. After everything she’s been through with the rape and all, it’s nice to see she hasn’t let that clog her ability to love and let people in.

Nicole | I’d say my favorite moments this week were 1) Damon’s speech to Stefan at the end of The Vampire Diaries because it finally got back to the core of the brotherly relationship and 2) the Schmidt/Cece hookup on New Girl (and also Nick’s prevention of a Jess/Schmidt hookup since Jake Johnson’s facial expressions are flawless) because I’m such a fangirl for that show.

So those are our favorite TV moments from this past week. What are your favorite scenes and/or quotes from the past week in television?

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