This week’s episode, the last before the hiatus, saw the return of Andy’s women studies’ professor, Ron’s infamous red shirt, and—my personal favorite—Tom’s hot tub limo.

As the campaign for city council is drawing to its conclusion, Ben is more tightly wound than ever, earning the derision of Leslie, Tom, and Ann. When a much desired interview with journalist Buddy Wood gets cancelled, due to a mitten factory fire, the trio goes out for drinks to blow off some steam. Unfortunately, a pitcher of margaritas and a round of flaming tequila shots into the night, Leslie receives a call from Ben that the interview is back on. She manages to get to the airport where Buddy almost instantly establishes himself as a hilariously condescending snob (“are you familiar with the term ‘metaphor’”?). The interview quickly unravels once Leslie refuses to answer questions about her relationship with Ben. And then this happens:

After ending the interview by tripping over a wire and a chair, Leslie begs Buddy not to air the tape but he gleefully refuses. Ben, Tom, Ann, and Leslie then go on a road trip to Buddy’s house in the hot tub limo to stop him, but upon arrival, find that the airport guys already took care of the problem by discreetly throwing Buddy’s luggage in the dumpster. It’s a win for small town loyalty!

Meanwhile, Andy, April, Chris and Ron celebrate Andy’s status as a college class graduate (Pass in women studies!) by going out to dinner, inviting along the professor, as well. Chris and the professor appear to be hitting it off until he asks her out and she says no. Chris politely takes his leave, only for the professor to then turn to Ron and invite him over to her place. Poor Chris is forever alone.

Ron comes into work the next day looking like this:

Other subplots involve the Jerry and Donna doing envelope stuffing and the continuance of Tom and Ann’s cute, but bizarre, relationship. Most adorbs moment of the episode was definitely Ann pulling off Tom’s diddly-diddly-swag fingershake.

By the end of the episode, the two managed to make it a whole 48 hours without breaking up. Tom celebrates this milestone by gifting Ann 48 condoms of 48 different flavors. This goes over about as well as you imagine it would.

Overall, it was an excellent follow up to last week’s hilarious episode of fountain debauchery, making the wait until April 19th feel even longer. I’m happy that Community will be coming back but why at the cost of Parks and Rec, NBC? Why?