Just a short review of Ringer below…

Ringer has become a show where the characters are just pawns in the game that the writers want to set up at this point. And you know what? I’m completely fine with that. Every time I think I have this show figured out, it goes in another direction. I think it’s going to zig, it zags. I think it’s going to flee, it fights. It’s a whirlwind of emotion, deceit, and twists week in and week out.

So a chauffeur figured out Bridget isn’t actually Siobhan before an FBI agent did? Who cares! So there are more “talking to a phone but we don’t see who’s on the other end” scenes? Whatever! So the show wants me to believe Andrew is nice, then a murder, then nice, then a murder, then… No problem!

I’m just along for the ride — and so far, it’s been pretty good.

This episode, everyone has their eyes set on one prize: finding out the truth, but of course, nothing is as it seems. Now we’re left with even more questions; like, who texted Siobhan? Who killed Tyler? Where is Malcolm? Who was Olivia speaking with? Is Henry really that gullible? Is Agent Eyelashes not the worst cop in the history of TV? Oh, no, wait, that last one we already know: Yes, he is.

That said, I appreciated the pacing of this episode more so than previous ones as there was a perfect balance between mystery and plot where we are still figuring out the Malcolm/Tyler mysteries but had everyone moving towards one goal. Bridget seeks out clues like a regular, ol’ Nancy Drew and pieces together that Andrew called the hit (or not, I feel like everything on this show is always just a mystery, but it would make sense with the clues that not even I had pieced together… which frankly makes me feel stupid). Meanwhile, Juliet gets hit on by the guy who… well, hit on her partner in crime. And that latter “hit on” is literal, as in he whaled on her. What follows is Juliet growing even closer to Bridget-as-Siobhan, and a very sad mom (but who cares, she’s basically the worst mom in the history of moms; meet Agent Eyelashes, you two have something in common, at least Mom is fun and interesting).

The point being: people need to stop criticizing this show for content and focus on form, being Ringer is one helluva ride.

And if nothing else, we now know why Siobhan is so cruel… y’know, the same reason we were given plenty o’ episodes back: she has yet to forgive Bridget. Yea!…?