It looks like everyone has become slightly honest.

This week’s Ringer episode pushed aside a few of those over orchestrated film noir-like scenes it had been relying on a lot — quite successfully, recently — except for one, and it focused a lot more on the emotional side of the show: the relationships between our characters and the recovery of Andrew after his heroic jump in front of a bullet with Bridget’s name on it.

We start right where we left of last week, and then go on to some pretty subtle acted hospital scenes, a couple of confrontations, lies and, quite surprisingly, the TRUTH.

Bridget comes clean with Andrew… sort of.

That’s right; in a very intimate and honest scene, Bridget feels the need to tell Andrew a few things that might help him help HER. Because she begins to worry even more, now, that her obvious suspect is her strongest ally, and, in fear, she confides on a trust-worthy Andrew the crime she committed on the pilot, the vanishing corpse and her justified suspicions towards him.

In return, he says he never really intended to make her any harm and that she should have trusted him. But things are good between them and together they reach a new understanding.

That woman’s never been a victim her entire life.

Olivia is their new prime suspect, even if the FBI agent who spends the most money on eyeliner says otherwise. Of all the people who knew about the Ponzi scheme, she’s the only one who has stated she would do anything to save her ass. So that puts her first on their list, for a few hours.

Because then, after a double detective sequence where we are once again proved that an ex-army man is way better than a FBI AGENT at digging stuff up, we see that Olivia is already gone but innocent, because Agent Machado discovers the identity of the shooter and how he’s relevant to an almost dead plotline.

Henry was awesome.

For the first time, Henry really convinced me that he was more than just a pawn on Siobhan’s messy chest game, until he screwed up.

Nevertheless, we got some pretty cool moments and a shocking revelation. After he realizes that Siobhan might, probably-likely-not-really-but-then-she-could-but-I-don’t-think-so BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SHOOTING, he calls her bluff and asks her to leave his house.

Things go pretty well from here, he even calls his father-in-law to make him pull his investment from Martin-Charles because of the “slightly-moral-disrespecting” stuff going on over there and he hands him the infamous flash drive but…

How did he get it?

Well, he just coincidentally found it on Tyler Barrett’s pants when he was harassing his breathless body after KILLING HIM! Accidentally, of course, they were just fighting over Siobhan. I’m sure people die because of that all the time.

Then he made up with Siobhan after a very transparent tactic Shiv pulled: pretend she was going to tell Andrew everything about her switching places game, which she obviously didn’t.

Dude, what happened to you? You used to be cool.

Juliet, again.

Since the moment I saw Juliet picking up winter clothes to go back to her house in Coral Gables and take off with barely any luggage — consisting of wool gloves — I KNEW she was going to escape. What I didn’t see coming was her filling Bridget in on her little stolen plotline with “The Nutcase, The Teacher and The Junkie”: her mother, Mr. Carpenter and whatsername.

Oh, Bridget was MAD!

Fortunately for Juliet, there were more important things to discuss in her father’s room, like, for example, the dead shooter’s identity as one of Bodaway Macawi’s minions. Which means that the creepy strip club runner found Bridget pretending to be Siobhan, though he thinks it is Bridget because he doesn’t know she had a sister. And that’s our closing scene.

In short:

EVERYONE is trying to kill Bridget from every side of the story, and unless there’s a third sister who’s not an unforgiving bitch or an ex-stripper witness of a murder, then she’s, by all means, SCREWED.

Now, let’s all get excited about next week’s EPIC confrontation between Bridget and Siobhan, unless it is another zombie dream.

Better late than never with this review. And don’t worry, I’m just the new guy covering for Michael this week.

Hope to see some comments.