Just a short review of Ringer below…

Well, the season is winding down for Ringer, and yet the twists and the drama are doing nothing but ramping up! That said, there’s the usual structural problems that we face every, single episodes — for example, seriously, why was there no dramatic music to highlight that moment when Catherine is revealed to have called the hit on Siobhan!? I mean, really? It’s only the central question of the entire series thus far. Ugh. I can continue to badmouth the production quality of this show but I will never be heard. Ha!

But, regardless, it was revealed — and, boy, what a reveal! I was so annoyed that the twist to who shot at Siobhan/Bridget a couple of weeks ago was the same person we already knew wanted to kill her… and then they saved it with those last five seconds with Catherine on the other end. Of course, I have questions. (And also, is it a bit disheartening that the person who wanted Siobhan dead didn’t show up until halfway through the season? Do I care? She helped aid one of the better storylines anyway. And lastly, I feel as though Juliet and Catherine never actually go to Miami but just talk about taking the trip constantly.)

Speaking of Catherine, I sort of enjoyed seeing her toy with everyone. So much so, that I was a bit sad that Andrew had actually doublecrossed her and had her figured out. I suppose I should commend Ringer because I honestly did not see that coming, however. It’s, quite frankly, one of the best qualities of the show at this moment: unpredictability. I mean, seriously, I thought they might have killed off one of the twins in this episode at the beginning. It has sort of just become that kind of show. And it’s almost saddening it might not get a second season.

I suppose I could go into detail about how stupid Bridget’s plan to testify as her own self  was or that Agent Eyelash’s pink slip was looooooong overdue or that a hitman would probably not stage his shot in a location someone has never gone to before… but I can’t, because we all know how horrible this show is on paper.

But damn it, if I don’t just have fun every. single. time.

Thank you for the thrills, Ringer. I look forward to being entertained a couple more times in the upcoming weeks. And if these are the types of twists in a regular episode… goodness, imagine what the finale will contain! Will Siobhan and Bridget come head-to-head? Will Henry stop being so gullible? Will Bridget stop telling her story to anyone who will listen? Gah! The anticipation — it kills me!