Do not expect coherent thoughts this week. I’m warning you. I just finished watching the promo for Always and my brain is rather impaired. Without further ado, here’s the recap/review for Castle’s episode Undead Again.

Castle sneaks up on Alexis to continue their years long laser tag war, but she’s freaking out over her college lists and tells him it’s time to grow past the games and be adults. Ouch. Seriously, Alexis? That was harsh. Castle is not happy to hear this, and he tells Martha that much. When he’s ranting, Beckett calls him. Since when is ‘Kate’ back to being ‘Beckett’ to Castle? Anyway, he doesn’t take the call and Martha basically tells him to grow up and stop punishing Kate without telling her why

What? No, you don’t. Don’t you dare mention a last case to Kate, Richard Castle. I mean it.

This week’s victim is David Locke, a 29 year old stock broker who was beaten to death in the garage of his place of work. He was sporting a bite and held a ripped part of the murderer’s shirt- an 1870 shirt.

Ohh, there are lots of tension between Castle and Beckett in this episode. Lots of it.

They talk to David’s boss, Mike Matthews. Our suspect is a fellow employee, Charlie Coleman. When Castle and Beckett go to his apartment, they quickly find out that Charlie is a bit of a basket case. Okay. But apparently he was attacked as well. By a zombie, no less. And since it bit him, apparently Charlie’s going to turn. Huh.

Back at the precinct, Castle is having a field day with this case. He and Beckett succumb to their ever lovely banter. My heart.

Oh, wow. There’s a, um, thing in the security tapes. It does look like a zombie. And Castle emailed it to himself. Of course he did. And aww. Apparently, Alexis does still want to play with Castle and was just messing with his head earlier on.

Back to the case. The victim left his place at two AM, but was killed at four AM. What did he do in the meantime? Apparently, he had a booty call with a woman named Greta. Turns out, she broke up with him so he wouldn’t lose her fiancé, Tom Williams. Tom was not in the apartment that night. But wait, do not jump to conclusions. Seems he was at the library studying for finals.

Okay. Chemical reports show that there was a chemical under David’s shoes, made by three fabrics. The most likely one for David to have been in has been closed for over a year. Off they go.

I’m kind of speechless right now. There are tons of zombies in the place. Why do I think this is overkill? Oh, that’s right, because it is. They are zombie-walking, which is some sort of game for which people dress up as zombies and pretend to be, well, you get the gist of it.

Castle and Beckett said ‘really?” together. They’re speaking at the same time again. I’m happy.

Ha! Looks like they found the zombie they were looking for. Kyle Jennings. Who, by the time they go to his place, is dead. It’s confirmed that our dead guy is the killer. Who, by the way, is now alive. This is getting weird.

Oh, my God. Castle doesn’t believe in zombies. He believes in driving Beckett crazy. And Ryan is happy to see the two of them hitting it off again.

Oh, oh, oh. Was there a case here? Because Beckett and Castle are talking about always remembering life-altering moments and maybe not being able to face them just yet, but hopefully someday, and I happen to have forgotten everything that happened before.

Okay, yes, the case. Kyle doesn’t remember anything, but blood tests prove that there was a drug in his system, a drug that would make him do anything he was told and then have no recollections of it whatsoever.  And guess who happens to be a drug dealer with access to the zombie subculture? That’s right, Tom Williams.

Except there’s not an inkling of evidence to support it, just a whole lot of speculation, so they have to let Williams go. However, Kyle happens to have a rich aunt who bails him out. Williams is not precisely happy to hear about this, so he tries to get police protection. Espo drives him home, only to be knocked out by a zombie. A zombie who then makes Williams confess. A zombie, one might add, whose facial structure bears an uncanny resemblance to Nathan Fillion’s. Funny, huh? It turns out, our team wasn’t willing to let this one go.

Back at the precinct, Beckett and Castle talk about how Kyle is going to find it tough to get through it. Beckett reveals she’s been seeing a therapist about what happened the day of the shooting, and she’s getting closer to finally being able to accept everything that happened that day. She says the wall is coming down, to which he replies he’d like to be there when it does. Kate tells him she’d like him to be there when it does too. And then, when I’m nothing but a bunch of love-struck sighs, she asks if she’ll see him tomorrow. He says she will.

Castle goes back to his place, where Alexis is having an existential crisis of sorts and she finally decides to attend to Columbia. The episode ends with a close-up on Castle’s best zombie impression. And then there’s a promo for the season finale next week and I lose whatever sanity I had left.

What did you think of this episode?