Summer Roberts has been transplanted out of The O.C. and dropped into Bluebell, Alabama. She is also a doctor, if you can imagine that.

In all seriousness, Hart of Dixie is a pretty decent hour of television. Of course, this review has followed my brain nearly falling out after one truly terrible hour of television (Gossip Girl) so I was prepared to welcome just about anything with at least some amount of logical narrative flow.

It took me awhile to realize just how much I missed television that actually made sense, while viewing Hart Of Dixie. As I don’t normally review this series, I will do my best with what I do know, since I do not normally tune in.

Rachel Bilson is quite adorable this week as the lovely Dr. Zoe Hart. She is a “vet for people,” as she fondly tells a goat. She is also caught between two hunky men, hunky George Tucker (Scott Porter) and hunkier Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel). George is marrying spoiled Southern belle Lemon Breeland (Jamie King), who previously engaged in an affair with the mayor of Bluebell, Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams). Basically, you know from the start of the episode, there will be no wedding.

Zoe decides she doesn’t want to be in town for the non-wedding, as she tells Lavon, she knows George has feelings for her. And so Lavon issues a restraining order on her for the day and sends her off to a nearby town. Wade joins her under the ruse that she has a patient that needs tending to. The rain causes the both of them to be caught in a barn, and before either one of them know it- they are both pretending not to care about one another. Zoe also claims no one, including herself and the goat, care about Wade’s abs. I care. Wade and Zoe have pretty electric chemistry. Also Wade is cute, funny, and sort of has a smile that makes you swoon (just a little). The “love triangle” was hard to buy. It was obvious who has more appeal.

George, on the other hand, is sort of a tool. Some might call Wade a tool as well, but he owns it, so it’s far more acceptable.

Anyway, Zoe and Wade are rescued by some friendly neighborhood cop. Thought they were a myth? I did too.  In the back seat, Zoe keeps giving Wade the bedroom eyes, but because Southern gentleman drive ladies to their front doors, Zoe is not allowed to get out of the car with Wade and do the dirty which has clearly been on her mind for a long time, because she isn’t an adult.

Like earlier in the episode, Zoe uses her coffee machine from New York and the power goes out in the neighborhood. They only use kettles on the stove to make coffee in Alabama. Get with it Roberts, you cant use things like coffee machines in the South. Wade walks over to her house and the two finally do the mattress mambo, which apparently she waited all season to do? Also unbelievable. Has she seen this dude’s abs?

Across town, which in Bluebell means two feet away, the rain doesn’t stop, and they move the wedding into a barn. George decides that he has to call off the wedding, because- GASP- he is in love with Zoe. Too late dude. She’s snuggled up with the sexiest man in the South.

Oh, but wait!

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?






Then to confuse viewers, Rachel Bilson attempts a brand new facial expression that is somewhere between “I’m constipated,” “I’ve never felt so satisfied,” and “I miss my O.C. days” which lasts around 10 seconds before the credits roll.

And that is a wrap for the freshman season of Hart of Dixie. The verdict is in: the show has been renewed for a second season. Are you thrilled? Wade’s abs no doubt contributed to this decision.

What did you all think of the season finale? Were you hoping she would choose Wade or are you still pulling for George? Personally, I think I have had my fill of love triangles for awhile. Sound off in the comments below.