I had this really horrible dream, I was to make the announcement of canceling a fan-favorite show. Everyone was bombing me with hate-mails and petitions and I got dead-threats in the mail.  Brrr, thank god I’m not of those people, I get to mail my own dead-threats to dudes and dudettes. I’m sure one of the guys at CBS will undergo the same scenario, poor him or her! So CBS made their cancellations and NBC released their schedule!


They cancelled Rob, Unforgettable, NYC 22 and CSI: Miami. Two and A Half Man and CSI: NY will be returning for another season.

CBS added 4 dramas and 2 comedies to their line-up.

  • Elementary: A sherlock-like detective drama. A former Scotland Yard consultant solves crimes for the NYPD alongside Watson, his recovery assistant. Jonny Lee Miller will play Sherlock and Lucy Liu stars as Watson
  • Vegas: A drama set in the 1960s centered around the true story of Ralph Lamb, cowboy turned Sheriff. Dennis Quaid will play the sheriff. Jason O’Mara (Terra Nova) and Carrie-An Moss are co-starring.
  • Made In New Jersey: A working-class woman uses her street smarts  to compete with her colleagues at her law firm. This one features Janet Montgomery, Kyle MacLachlan and Pablo Schreiber
  • Golden Boy: Tracks a cop’s rise from officer to police commissioner. Theo James has been cast as the cop. True Bloods Kevin Alejandro also stars.
  • Friend Me: Two friends move from their hometown to Los Angeles and begin their lives at GroupOn. One of the guys prefers playing poker at home but his friend has other plans for him and drags him out to get a social life. Aaw Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Nicholas Braun have been cast. Mintz-Plasse is so hilarious!
  • Partners: Architects Charlie and Louis ‘ friendship has lasted longer than any relationship they both have had. When Charlie decided to propose to his girlfriend, Louis neurotic attempts to be supportive almost results in breaking things with his own girlfriend. David Krumholtz, Sophia Bush, Michael Urie and Brandon Routh are starring.



NBC made a couple of changes in their schedule, The Voice will have two cycles this year. They have expanded their comedies to Tuesday and Friday night. The Office appears to be renewed.

  • Monday: The Voice (8-10 PM)  and Revolution (10-11 PM).
  • Tuesday: The Voice (8-9 PM) , Go On (9-9:30 PM), The New Normal  (9:30-10 PM) and Parenthood (10-11 PM).
  • Wednesday: Animal Practice (8-8:30 PM), Guys With Kids (8:30-9 PM), Law and Order (9-10 PM) and Chicago Fire (10-11 PM).
  • Thursday: 30 Rock (8-8:30 PM), Up All Night (8:30-9 PM), The Office (9-9:30 PM), Parks and Rec. (9:30-10 PM), Rock Center With Bryan Williams (10-11 PM).
  • Friday: Whitney (8-8:30 PM), Community  (8:30-9 PM), Grimm (9-10 PM) and Dateline NBC (10-11).
  • Sunday (Fall 2012) : Football.
  • Sunday (Winter 2012): Dateline NBC (7-8 PM), Fashion Star (8-9 PM), The Celebrity Apprentice (9-10 PM) and Do No Harm (10-11 PM).
  • Midseason: Save Me, 1600 Penn, Next Caller, Do No Harm, Infamous and Hannibal, Smash.

They’ve also released some sneak peeks for their pilots. I’ve posted two of them, but you can find them all on Youtube, just click through on one of these clips. Otherwise this list of sneak peeks would be superlong.

Here is the hilarious one from Animal Practice. Seriously, I’m in love with that monkey.

And this is a sneak peek of Revolution, this looks really good!

So I guess this is it, more schedules are sure to come in the next days! Now that every networks did their pick-ups, what is your favorite new show?

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