Tonight’s installment of Episodes gave the supporting actors a chance to really shine in their roles. With the Lincolns’ marriage drama on the back burner for a little bit, the main focus of the episode dealt with the love square between Matt, Jamie, Merc, and Carol.

Cabo versus Napa | | While hiking, Beverly learns that it’s Carol and Merc’s five year anniversary. Carol giddily recounts how they first met: at the People’s Choice Awards and smoked pot together. The fact that Merc probably doesn’t remember that it’s their anniversary leaves Carol at the end of her rope, angry that she never gets what she wants out of their relationship. Beverly tells her that Carol has the right to make demands of Merc. So, Carol does just that, really expressing to Merc how she’s tired about being treated second best. Merc says he’ll make it right and promises that they’ll have a weekend getaway together in Cabo. This thrills Carol, and her speech later to Beverly about feeling empowered is the highlight of the episode.

But, things don’t go smoothly. First, Merc has to Jamie about where he’ll be that weekend. Knowing Merc will be out of town gives Jamie the idea that she and Matt can sneak off to Napa together for a romantic time of their own. The twist comes when both Merc and Jamie use the same travel agent, who gets things confused, thinking that Merc and Jamie are intending to go on the same trip together. When Merc finds out his traveling itinerary has been switched from Cabo to Napa, he worries his wife has found out about his affair with Carol, never once suspecting that maybe she’s having an affair of her own. To cover, Merc tells Jamie that the entire thing was a surprise for her, meaning no romantic trip for either Merc and Carol or Jamie and Matt.

Frustrated and angry, Carol tells Merc that they’re over. Will it last? Ehh…

Turn the other cheek || While the rest of the show dealt with romantic entanglements, there was a bit of set drama for Beverly and Sean to deal with when Morning told them she would need a week off of work because she was sick. The Lincolns don’t believe this to be the case, suspecting that their lead actress is actually skipping work in protest of Pucks! moving its focus to the younger cast.

Sean is tasked with finding out what’s wrong with her. As it turns out, she isn’t sick. However, Morning did get a quickie plastic surgery done to her cheekbones/jawline and it didn’t exactly turn out well. The facial implant has left one side of her face engorged with a large protrusion jutting out creepily. After an extremely awkward kiss (that Sean seems entirely uncomfortable with), Sean talks Morning into coming to work, promising they’ll find a way to make it work. This lends to a great montage of the crew attempting to film around the large bump, hiding it behind books, hair, and hands.

Other Sundry Items | | We meet Labia, Matt’s stalker.  She seems entirely polite and nice, but Matt shares with the Lincolns that she’s been stalking him for over 15 years. Labia’s obsession with Matt began when she was a Make-A-Wish child and wanted to meet her favorite Friends cast member. The obsession grew to the point where Matt had to put restraining order out on her, though he does admit that he slept with her once just after she turned 18. Thought not really important to the plot of this episode, I suspect Labia will have a bigger role in future episodes.

Oh, and Jamie can golf while blind. How cool is that?

Overall, I really liked this episode. There could have been a better plot for the Lincolns to deal with, though the bungled plastic surgery is probably a lovely inside joke. That being said, Kathleen Rose Perkins needs to start getting some buzz for her role as Carol. Each week, she steals the scenes. This was her best of the season. In fact, this was the best episode of the season for all the supporting roles. They seemed more human and had great moments to work with. If this leads to integrating them more into the cast, I’ll allow the Lincolns and Matt to have a weak plot every now and then.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

Lindsay Duke

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