I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I had a really hard time recapping this episode, mostly because it was already hilarious. Seriously, so many funny moments, from almost everything that came out of Russell’s mouth to Jason’s interaction with the fairy who had his tie and thought he wanted a gay rendezvous (“Just keep it”). So yeah, please forgive the low quality of the jokes ahead.

We start the episode by finding out who attacked Alcide. Turns out it was one of the various wolf henchmen that Russell employs. The group quickly defeats them and takes Russell alive, albeit after Bill convinces Eric not to kill him. Then, the authoritah bursts in, ready to take charge.

At Fangtasia, we get to see the rest of the fight between Tara and Jessica, which is quickly ended by Momma Pam.

Seriously, though, do you guys think Pam will ever warm up to Tara?

Meanwhile, the Ifrit is done with sneaking around and decides to take on the sergeant and Terry.

AND OMG, I forgot how much I freaking LOVE Russell. This guys is hilarious. He’s like this angry, rebellious teen that won’t play by the rules his parents have set.

Russell’s best line ever: “You might as well be praying to leprechauns or unicorns or the motherfucking Kardashians!”

The Authoritah is concerned about the presence of Alcide and Sookie at the scene and insists that Bill and Eric erase their memories. Bill just goes through the motions but Eric takes some liberties with Alcide.

Shakespeare references. Cuz this is a classy blog, yo.

Oh ho ho, so much for “Fuck Sookie”, eh Eric?

Bill, on the other hand, uses the opportunity to be sweet. BORING.

The next scene takes us to the hospital where Sam and Luna are being rushed through the halls. Both are thankfully alive. We also see that Emma managed to escape to her grandmother’s house in wolf form.

At Fangtasia, Hoyt decides to swing by Jessica’s table.

AND OMG I want to point out this great acting moment for the two of them. When Jessica backs away, looking horrified, you just see the awful guilt she feels. Her face screams “What did I do to this guy when I left him?” and just for a moment, Hoyt drops the douchebag expression. *creys*

In Alcide’s truck, Sookie is still emotional over Bill’s words.

Back at the asylum, the Authoritah decides to have a word with the angry hostages they rescued. The very hostages who were the only ones to see which female member of the Authoritah was helping Russell.

Jason has another heartwarming hallucidream about his father.

Alcide wakes up in Sookie’s bed.

They talk and Sookie eventually figures out that Eric actually erased Alcide’s memories instead of giving him a lovely speech like Bill did. Alcide is outraged when he remembers that Russell was kept alive and traipses off to do something about it.

At the hospital, Sam and Luna are still alive!

Meanwhile, Lafayette decides to go see his aunt, who also saw a vision of Jesus.

Ruby Jean tells Lafayette that Don Bartolo is the cause of all this mess. Looks like we’re gonna be in for a road trip to Mexico soon!

At the grill, Sookie shows up despite her hangover from her drinking party with Alcide.

Sookie demands that Jason take her there so they can rescue their cousin.

At the hospital, Sam tries to convince Andy to let him help find the shooters.

Angry Alcide decides to go confront his ex-wolf buddies. As to be expected, they aren’t too happy to see the guy who killed their old packmaster.

Eric and Bill are finally welcomed back at Base Authoritah.

Back at the grill, Terry and Arlene break up after he says that her kids lives are at stake if he sticks around while Jason and Sookie head off to the fairy club.

Once Sookie and Jason get inside the fairy nightclub, they confront Hadley and meet a few of Claudine’s remaining siblings, including this one:

He tells them that the vampire that killed their parents was attracted to the smell of a bloody bandage Sookie had left in the back of the car. Sookie reacts badly to this news and tries to stun him with her magic fingers. This backfires as they attract the attention of the other fairies in the club who stun her with their own magic fingers.

Meanwhile, outside Fangtasia, Hoyt is almost about to be willingly drained to death when he gets “rescued” by the van of Shifter shooters.

At Base Authoritah, Russell is about to be staked and continues to be stubbornly subversive until the end.

RIP Captain Moob. We will miss your amazing moobs. Your monologues to Lilith? Not so much.

Overall, I highly enjoyed the episode, mostly because it was really funny, even for a True Blood episode, which you can always count on to include a healthy dose of humor. I’m also intrigued by how the writers have brought the Shifter Shooters storyline together with Hoyt’s. Yeah, he’s on the murderer’s side now, but those masks are a lot less offensive than the hideous purple shirt and red tie combo. I’m mostly left wondering what Terry will do next, since we do not yet have any leads on how to destroy the Ifrit.

Okay, that’s all, folks! Leave your thoughts down below and thanks for reading!