Episode 2 of the final season picks up a whole 76 days after the first. Nancy’s awake now and her hospital bills have racked up to a whopping $420,770.12. She shows some signs of brain damage, such as being unable to recall certain words or keeping track of events and trouble with motor activity. But according to her creepy doctor, who clearly wants to hit that, she can leave the hospital soon.

Shane wants to concentrate on finding the shooter, but his mother is not interested. As the episode goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that Nancy’s had a complete change of character. She becomes distressed by the drug dealing clown that sells steeply marked up goods to cancer patients at the hospital, asking Shane if she was once like that. For the first time in the entirety of the show, we hear Nancy utter the words we never thought we’d hear: “I think I was a bad person. I don’t want to be like that anymore”. I forgot I was watching Weeds for a moment and thought this meant she would never be dealing drugs again, but just ten minutes later, I realized what she meant was that she wouldn’t be charging for drugs anymore. Silly me.

And then I’m again reminded that I’m watching Weeds when the clown threatens Nancy for treading on his turf. She in turn threatens him, pretending to be part of a mobster family, and forbids him from charging patients at the hospital. The confrontation seems to be the first hint that being the moral “After Botwins” that Nancy wants to be won’t be possible in their line of business.

Meanwhile, as for everybody else, Jill and Andy unfortunately seem to have progressed from fuck buddies to actual couple. Gross. Though in a way, I kind of understand Andy’s actions. He’s had to put his entire life on hold the past eleven years to deal with Nancy and her shenanigans. It’s not all that crazy for him to desperately cling to his own twisted vision of blissful domesticity with Jill, the twins, and the house while Nancy’s in the hospital. Said vision seems momentarily close to ending when Jill’s New-Age husband, Scott, shows up and wants to have dinner with his wife. I have to admit, even though I hate Jill, she was kind of hilarious at the restaurant. From speaking Spanish at the Chinese waiters to shamelessly eating throughout Scott’s entire speech, to finally destroying her husband’s last shred of serenity by doing Andy in the bathroom halfway through dinner, Jill was kind of awesome this episode.

Elsewhere, Doug and his Wall Street buddy are still running their pot business using Silas’s original models as delivery boys (or girls, in this case) idea. Silas is, in fact, having freaky S&M sex with Kiko, the model agent from last season.

We also get a glimpse of Shane at his police academy. While it was cute to see him acting like a normal teenage boy with one of his fellow classmates, I found it kind of unrealistic for Shane Botwin to be tongue-tied around a girl. He’s just way too badass for that.

The episode ends with Nancy leaving the hospital and Shane with a huge grin on his face as he scrolls down Tim Scottson’s pseudo-Facebook page.

What a winner.

I wish we could have gotten more insight into how Shane figured out who the shooter was, but I guess we’re supposed to just shrug our shoulders because it’s Shane freaking Botwin. The boy was setting up his mom’s security systems when he was like eight years old.

The first few episodes of a season almost invariably end up feeling like fillers, despite setting some stones for the story that will unfold in the coming weeks, as was the case with “Beam of Sunshine”. More than anything, it felt like a campaign video in favor of legalizing weed. Obvious support of medical marijuana was way too obvious. Nothing really big happened, but we can see the beginnings of a few promising storylines:

1) Shane confronting Tim.

2) Nancy’s more generous personality and how it will clash with Silas and Doug’s already established business

3) Possible pot supply problems, as referenced by Kiko

4) Andy and Jill’s relationship

5) Nancy’s lingering physical and mental problems from the shooting

Basically, it will be interesting to see how everything is affected in next week’s episode when Nancy returns home.