Nancy is released from the hospital and returns to her home having to use a cane. Everything taste like black licorice to her also given the bullet is still lodged in her skull. Okay, I am not a medical practitioner nor do I know much about anything to do with being shot in the head, but could they not have removed the bullet? If it were me, I would demand that that shit get taken out immediately.

I have a theory. I am beginning to understand what Jenji Kohan was talking about by making the final season feel “spiritual.” Nancy seems as if she is, for the first time, embracing her fate. Embracing her mistakes, and even going as far to claim she was “bad person.” It almost makes me want to cry because I have this feeling as if Nancy…is going to die by seasons end. All the clues are there, and a particularly morbid, though still hilarious line from Tim Scotton (guest star Daryl Sabbara) in the episode really made me raise an eyebrow.

“You know how one day someone gives you some fresh roses, and you sneeze, and the bullet in your brain moves an 1/8 inch to the right, and you see blue, and you smell cheese, and you die?”

Could this be foreshadowing? The entire episode, which by the way was titled “See Blue And Smell Cheese And Die,” was overstuffed with incredibly dark dialogue. Tim is living in a skuzzy apartment, working as a “sandwhich artist,” has twelve dead rabbits (all named Peter, dead father’s name) which he has placed in shoeboxes on the window seal. His girlfriend Tula (guest star Mae Whitman) was saved from the “rape barn, back when it was still made of wood.” When angry, which appears to be a lot, she takes down a photo on the wall to make a whole in it with her fist.

And that isn’t all, after Andy cuts off one of Jill’s brat’s hair, both of whom are creepy now by the way, and Scott (guest star Mel Fair) attempts to defend her in a slap fight, the girls shout “we hate you both!” This is when Scott starts telling the girls all of these horrible things including: they are the reason Jill and himself are separated, they only wanted one kid and when they found out they were having twins he suggested they abort and get a boat.

Weeds will never be bad show, at least this is how I feel anyway, but this season—something feels different. This entire episode, I couldn’t decide whether or not I should laugh or cry, whereas previously I would classify it as a comedy, albeit dark, but now I am not so sure. This season is very, how should I say…moody, which basically solidifies my theory that Nancy might die. I think this could all be part of the preparation for what is about to happen, so that the fans are not completely caught off guard that is.

Nancy spends the majority of the episode attempting to convince Tim to turn his life around. She and Silas travel to some po-dunk town, convinced Shane is going to kill him. However, by the end of the episode we learn that Shane has chosen to let the law handle this one, and he and Detective Oullette (guest star Michael Harney) arrest Tim. Nancy doesn’t want to press charges, but anything above first-degree manslaughter is no longer her call. Now, Nancy feels responsible for another messed up kid. Something just feels…weird. It was sort of this awesome poetic moment. She lips the words “I’m sorry” to Tim, and he lip-replies “thanks.” Oullette says Shane is trying to impress her. You could tell for the first time, Nancy was really contemplating what was in front of her in an emotionally honest way.

Meanwhile, Jill and Andy are still a couple. Nancy hasn’t had time to react to the news, but I just don’t know if there is hope for Nancy/Andy anymore anyway. Andy initially attempts to befriend the twins by coaching their roller derby team, but later finds out they are the spawn of Lucifer after they cook his shoes in the oven.

Basically my point is this: normally, Weeds makes light of a very dark situation, however now, in it’s current season, it appears to be changing its theme. No longer do I know whether or not I should be laughing at some of the subject matter. The promos are misleading, and I also think this might be intentional.

In other news: Romany Malco will return to Weeds if he reaches 100,000 followers on Twitter. What a moron. No offense, but I really couldn’t care less if he returned. He was always basically a bit part when he was on the show and the idea of leaving it up to a Twitter following…I don’t know, seems rather trite. The difference here being of course, if it were say Elizabeth Perkins, I might follow her. However, I do think Weeds has really evolved past these characters. I even thought bringing back Heylia and Doug was too much last year.

What do you think? Will Nancy die by seasons end? Will we ever get to see Nancy/Andy? And do you think Conrad (Malco) should return? Sound off below!