First things first, HANDS OFF TO THIS WEEK’S RENDITION OF LITTLE BOXES. So catchy! I think it’s my most favorite one in the history of the show.

Anyways, Nancy may not have heard Jill and Andy when they explained their room situation last episode, but in this one, she gets the message loud and clear. Her sister and her brother-in-law and her son have formed their own little family unit and Nancy is clearly out. She decides that she and her youngest son need some time alone. Unfortunately, this plan is quickly discarded when—as usual—business comes up. Kiku calls from a dealer’s house on Staten Island, insisting that Nancy come by.

Meanwhile, Shane is getting some from that chick in his Police Academy. Is it just me or was it really weird to see Shane with someone appropriate for his age? He even invites her over for dinner like a normal boy would. Except this normal boy has his crazy, abnormal family to embarrass him in front of his new girlfriend by hinting at his history of murdering Mexicans with croquet mallets and even crazier neighbors that throw bags of shit over the fence.

Silas makes a new friend in a California-obsessed, fellow marijuana grower named RJ. He puts doubts into Silas’s head about what Shane will do when the power from a police badge goes to his head.

Other important subplots include Dmitri agreeing to sell to Kiku, Jill and Andy tension thanks to residual feelings that may be reblooming now that Nancy is around again, recurring physical and mental effects of the bullet, and finally the introduction of the mysterious neighbor with the pool.

Honestly, I feel kind of frustrated with the show right now. I feel like the writers have been pushing the Nancy-Stevie relationship for the past two seasons, but, as a viewer, I am much more interested and invested in Nancy’s relationships with her two older sons, who we have been seeing since the beginning of the series. We get it—Nancy hasn’t really been there for Stevie and Jill has had to step in, which leaves Nancy feeling inadequate. This story just isn’t interesting to me anymore. I also feel like the Nancy-Andy-Jill triangle doesn’t really exist because Nancy still hasn’t shown any interest in Andy. Maybe it was silly of me, but I was really pulling for a Nancy/Andy endgame, but it doesn’t look like any steps are being taken towards such a pairing. Instead, we have Andy still torn between Jill and Nancy, as has been the case for, again, the past two seasons.

Also, I finally have a tentative prediction for the end of the series: I think Nancy will die. I think the effects we’re seeing from the bullet will take their toll and we’ll actually get the death of Nancy Botwin we were expecting after last season’s finale.