I honestly have to turn down the volume to half of my normal level when watching this show, because everyone’s voices are so annoying. Even sadder is the fact that all of the adults on this show are just as immature as their teenaged spawn. Lacey, for instance, doesn’t owe Aly anything just because she had Jenna. I think Lacey’s co-dependent relationship with Aly was a big reason why Kevin left her, because Lacey lets Aly walk all over their daughter.  I felt no remorse for her when she complains to Lacey about never finding love because the only meaningful relationship she hasn’t ruined with her big mouth is Lacey’s, and that’s because Lacey is a total dope. The only way she’ll get him back is by growing up and putting her family over her friends.

As far as Ben goes, we still don’t know if Jenna’s threats will keep him from sleeping with Lacey, as the rest of the wedding will be featured in next week’s episode and we see them together by the pool in the teaser trailer. For the record, Jenna and Tamara are completely wrong about his “pretty boy” looks. The giant freak is decent, but doesn’t hold a candle to Kevin’s scruffy ruggedness. I can’t decide which MTV dad is hotter, him or Teen Wolf’s JR Bourne (Chris Argent). In addition, Lacey needs to remember that though Ben was the first guy to love her, he wasn’t the last. Kevin stepped up and married her when she was pregnant with Jenna, which I submit he would have done eventually, pregnancy or not. Plus, the only flaw I can see in his fatherhood is that he left Jenna with Lacey. He has a lot to think about so I think he’s justified, and is otherwise an awesome dad.

The first of many things I don’t understand in the Jenna love triangle story line is why she doesn’t confide in Jake about Ben if she loves and trusts him so much. Jenna and Jake still haven’t had sex and their plan in this episode is to do the deed while her mom stays at the hotel after the wedding, but Jenna is crazy if she thinks she’s going to need that entire box of condoms. She also could have thought of a more creative spot to stash them (i.e. a false bottom in her flower basket, duct tape them to the inside of the ginormous sleeves of her dress), which would have added some much needed comedy to this episode.

Source: MTV

Then there’s the only real awkward situation of the night: Matty’s suit. It makes no sense why he had to bring it to the hotel instead of having Jake pick it up at his house, other than the writers needed to force Jenna and Matty to talk and get “closure.” The whole scene seemed very contrived, and their admission of being hurt over one another’s new relationships does not mean that they’re over each other. My favorite line from this scene is when Jake tells Matty to “Do something I would do,” on his date with Courtney, to which I would have had Matty reply, “OK, Jake. I’ll beg her for sex and ultimately never get it because of a family crisis or because I’m still in love with my ex.”

Even though finding out about Jenna and Matty through Sadie is quite pitiful, I still don’t think Jake and Jenna belong together. At the wedding, Jenna melts when Jake sticks up for Tamara, but like her mother, Jenna is forgetting how well Matty also got along with her friends. I did enjoy Jake’s flashback realization, but I’m a little confused as to when he would have seen Jenna in her T-shirt from camp. Lastly, I don’t know a single teenager who would have left a voicemail over sending a text when someone doesn’t answer the phone.

We still have five episodes left in the season for Jenna to finally decide between Jake and Matty. My prediction is that Jake will be angry with both Jenna and especially Matty for not coming out and admitting their relationship when he calls him on the phone (see teaser trailer). He’ll cut ties with Matty and dump Jenna, who after some mourning period will realize that she still loves Matty, but by then his relationship with Courtney will be going strong. By the time he ends things with Courtney, Jake will have forgiven Jenna and want her back. Jenna will be left with no more excuses and be forced to choose who she really wants to be her guy.

Who do you think she’ll pick?