Oh, holy crap! I am super behind on this. See, the semester hasn’t even started and I’m already being ridiculous with these posts. Since there’s such little time until the next live rewatch, this will once again just be my thoughts. But remember, there’s only one more of these rewatch posts left (until if/when I watch more episodes and whatnot).

But first, I forgot to mention something in the last rewatch. There’s a line in an episode where Willow says something like “…ever since the TV started doing that snowy thing.” And I just wanted to let everyone know that that snowy thing is sort of the inspiration for this site’s name — since people always ask and also because this site’s name is the worst thing that’s happened to the world. Ugh, just the worst. But I was happy when she said it because it felt like the site’s name was slightly less awful. Anyway, moving on…

Okay so don’t hate me but, well, after nine pretty good episodes, season three has (in my opinion) sort of hit a lull. The three episodes on Monday this past week were just okay. Yes, even “Helpless” was just eh. It’s why it took me so long to finally get to the second night of episodes. But then the second night of episodes were great.

3.10 “Amends”

Ugh, to be honest this was obviously going to be on the “okay” side of things since it was another Angel-related episode. “Becoming” began somewhat the same way and this episode was setup familiar to that one… blegh, is what I’m trying to say here. I’m at this point where I seriously don’t know what the appeal of Angel is and how he spun-off into his own series. But from what I hear about that series, it seems like it would be more my style? I have no idea.

Anyway, so another Angel-centered episode is whatever but I am OH SO THANKFUL for the return of the Irish accent. But that’s not all, folks! ANGEL’S HAIR. Bahahahahahaa!!! OH MY GOD.

OH MAH GAHHD. Thank you to everyone who had any say in this decision. This will forever be my favorite look for Angel.

This episode dealt with Angel’s temptation to his dark side…and maybe even Buffy’s like for it. Although, I wasn’t too keen on a scene where he basically shoves her down and she cries, running up to him “I love you!!!!” Seriously. It was a bit…uh, misguided. Whatever. Anyway, this episode happened. And that’s that.

Elsewhere, Jenny in the form of a demon taking her shape returns and everyone’s heart stops just a little. Tear.

The Grade: Ugh.

3.11 “Gingerbread”

This episode had Buffy slaying whilst her mom tagged along. Except, she finds two dead children and makes it her mission to be the worst. Okay, she was in a trance because of the Hansel and Gretel demon thing but STILL ugh. And how is the best thing two witches can do is turn on into a rat!? ANYWAY… this episode gets a free pass because of this face:

Bahahaaa!!!!! As it turns out, during this episode, Joyce decided she liked being a public face against the town’s tragedy. It had me wondering if she’ll run for mayor once the current one obviously dies.

The Grade: I don’t eeeee much!

3.11 “Helpless”

Okay, I know this is probably a fan favorite given the risk and tension in this episode, but I sort of just found it — gulp — boring. Even the council makes zero sense with this test. Well, I found everything boring except for my Buffy/Giles scene! OH BUFFY/GILES, HOW YOU SLAY ME! The feels. Non-shipping feels, obviously. Just Buffy/Giles feels. Then again, I could have just been in a mood Monday night, who knows? I did watch this episode in two parts. I gotstuh watch my Teen Wolf you guys. Gotstuh.

The Grade: Important but hokey.

3.13 “The Zeppo”

Okay, NOW we’re talking. At first, I was a bit irritated by this episode because we’ve already had dead jocks running around Sunnydale. Yawn. But then I realized how much more awesome than that this episode was.

In a clever series of events, Xander’s extremely subdued plot in comparison to what the rest of the gang is facing becomes the major storyline for the episode. Where Xander is up against his confidence and a bomb, everyone else is fighting off the millionth apocalypse. My absolute favorite scene is Buffy and Angel in the middle of another one of their epic, lovesick scenes when Xander just interrupts them. Ha! Anyway, good stuff.

More so, this was quite an obvious parallel to “The Wish.” Xander, who feels alienated and useless, goes off into his own storyline trying to prove his worth and uniqueness. But Cordelia continues to berate him at every chance he gets, reminding him that he’s just a minor character in the grand scheme of things. That may have been true for Cordelia, who couldn’t survive her own episode, but Xander successful navigates his episode with ease and commands it.

Oh, yeah, and he also wrestled naked with Faith.

Go Xander!

The Grade: Excellent!

3.14 “Bad Girls” and 3.15 “Consequences”

I’m putting these together because it just makes sense (and because there are about fifty minutes left until the rewatch). Once again, another good episode(s). In this one, Faith and Buffy grow a stronger bond as Buffy begins to reap the benefits of being a slayer. But all of that is sort of turned on its head when Faith accidentally murders a person, who she thought was just another vampire.

Unfortunately, after an episode that showcased Xander wonderfully, he took a real backseat in these two. But his story paralleled Willow’s as well, who was feeling second in line to Faith and somewhat unneeded.

Faith’s descent into pent up anger could be interesting, but what stood out the most to me here is Buffy’s temptation towards turning, well, we’ll use the word rebellious for now. It’s a fine comparison to her character in “I Wish,” in that she could easily become that version of herself. Although, this Buffy seems more fun — more Faith-like.

At the end of the day, we know what path Buffy will choose and stick to, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the different aspects of her and who helps bring those sides out.

Creepy storyline alert: The new watcher’s thing for Cordelia… EWWWWW.

The Grade: Also excellent! I feel “Bad Girls” was the more entertaining episode that actually made me gasp out “Oh, my God” at the ending while “Consequences” dragged out a bit. However, I’m interested in the, ahem, consequences of the actions in the former episode. What will become of these new circumstances, and who’s to say Faith is wrong about being “better” than others? Anyway, interesting!

Okay and that’s my shortened, half-assed version of the rewatch recap! I promise to go all out for the next one. Let me stop there…maybe I shouldn’t really promise stuff. Oh, boy.

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