Last week’s interesting promo was an afterthought during the episode, and it’s no surprise that after thinking about it for seconds, Jane doesn’t tell Owen about who she is. However,  it was a standard Drop Dead Diva episode with weird logical, over top the plots and entertaining moments, so I’m not complaining.

Jane spends the episode trying to get Owen to trust her with the secret of why he doesn’t speak to his father. He’s embarrassed by his own actions in his separation from his father, but he tells her eventually and Jane realizes she should trust him with her Deb secret. However, this isn’t really where Jane needs to trust him. This is the second episode Jane has kept things from him because she thinks she’s keeping him safe. Owen is such a strong person that he doesn’t need Jane’s babying. I doubt they will actually get married before Owen faces an untimely demise, but they are an engaged couple. I guess I can’t speak from experience, but I assume that involves things like talking about problems, not keeping ridiculous secrets for flimsy reasons and telling your fiance if their life is in danger.

I did like Owen working with Jane this week to get justice for a friend of his whose daughter ultimately died because of improper resources at a rave. Luke told Jane that she did not need to tell Owen because she would only be doing it for selfish reasons. It’s clear that Owen loves her for her. I think this episode demonstrated that well on his end, and I understand Jane’s motivations too even if they drive me crazy. This episode was a nice way to put them on the same side of a case and gave Owen a reason to interact with Stacy.

Stacy’s main story this week was mailing wedding invitations and trying to get Owen’s father’s address. If she did anything else, I don’t remember and didn’t write it in my notes. Stacy hasn’t really done much that I took notice of this season. Her pake business is insane and unfortunately probably a main storyline next week since Kim Kardashian is returning. Her character is suffering from the loss of Fred. Their interactions at least always made her screen time interesting if not important. Aside from romance, they were able to naturally pair her with Fred when she had nothing else to do and it worked. Her best moment this episode was trying to trick Owen into confiding in her about his father. He gave her the plotline of Field of Dreams instead on the safe assumption that she doesn’t pay attention to baseball movies.

Luke and Terry pretended to be Jane and Owen at a wedding tasting. Jane didn’t want to cancel her appointment and lose the caterer, so she sent them instead. This brilliant plan works about as well as you’d think, and it wasn’t as entertaining as it could have been. I still enjoyed it though.

Luke is attractive but not the greatest character, though he did have a different use in this episode. I appreciated that he pointed out that Owen did not need to know about Deb because the most important point is that he loves her. This has always been my problem with the Jane and Grayson relationship, and I’m glad Owen has stuck around. He’s a great character who truly loves Jane.  I’m sure that Grayson and Jane are inevitable, but I still don’t think we’ve been shown that he loves her for who she is now. He first expressed interest because he believed she was Deb, and he generally seems to be attracted to whoever is directly in eyesight. Fred once told Jane that Grayson could be with her if he fell in love with her as Jane and he hasn’t yet.  Until Owen entered the picture I was ready for them to just get together already, but I’m glad that didn’t happen because Grayson doesn’t deserve her yet.

Grayson is working with another attractive client this week, but I really wish he had made out with him instead of the woman from last week. This client is the adorable priest from Good Christian Bitches (I always refuse to call it GCB) and this time he plays a gay sperm donor who faces every issue imaginable while he tries to keep his visitation rights. Kim works on the case as well and was spectacular. I love Kim’s normal cynical and sharp attitude and how she can sometimes seamlessly show off her morals without losing her edge. For example, in this episode she is a supporter of gay rights which is good. She also wins a case by asking for the explicit details of a police officer’s sex life which is hilarious.

The episode was interesting and amusing, and I enjoyed it just because it is not next week’s episode. I don’t even hate Kim Kardashian, but I really don’t want her back. Maybe next week will be easier with a drinking game. Every time Kim Kardashian appears or someone talks about pake then start drinking and stop when you run out of alcohol.

What were your favorite moments of this episode?