This is my first review for Drop Dead Diva, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. While there was nothing as exciting as a reappearing fiance or Terri’s Lady Bodacious outfit, there were some nice moments in this episode, “Lady Parts,” and I’m sure things are going to become insane as we get closer to the finale.

My favorite part of this week’s episode was seeing Owen again while he is somewhat healthy and happy. I’m expecting him to die in the finale, but I have no complaints if he sticks around longer. He was complaining this episode about the tender care Jane was giving him. He was probably right that she was being more nurse than girlfriend, but it’s not like she’s had much time to react to the news that her fiance has heart problems and just woke up from a coma. Then again, she did burn all his stuff so I guess they’re even? And I did think Owen was looking sharp this episode so maybe Jane treated him to a new fire-free wardrobe. I’m glad their relationship is going strong again even though that will make it all the more painful when something tragic inevitably happens in a few episodes.

Speaking of romances, an attractive woman crossed Grayson’s path, and he was making out with her before the episode ended. In fairness, they had gone to high school together even though he couldn’t remember her. In addition to romancing Grayson, Fiona seeks him out because the city isn’t paying for a work of art she made for them. They think it looks too much like Georgia O’Keeffes work, specifically Petunia No. 2 and Black Iris No. 3. Hence the episode title, it looks like someone’s “lady parts.” Yes, it’s a giant vagina.

Grayson calls Kim in to help with the case to give her something to do rather worry about business affairs.  I feel like they haven’t been using Kim in the right ways since she became partner. I get it, she made partner and it’s a big deal. They have to mention it and have her do something partner-y every episode. But couldn’t a secretary also collect time sheets and monitor billable hours? I do not doubt her lawyerly managerial abilities; I just like seeing her in action more. She second chaired for Grayson, but I don’t feel like she got enough opportunities to shine. However, Kate Levering worked with what she got because I was cracking up at the way Kim lowered her voice in front of Owen. You’re right Owen, she is weird. That’s what I love about her and want to see more of in the episodes.

My favorite part of this plot was having court outside by the vagina statue because it’s impossible for Owen to not use his judging powers to do something ridiculous. They could have just taken pictures of the statue but no, they had to go on a field trip. I say that in the nicest way possible because I’m incapable of finding Owen anything but adorable. Owen rules that Fiona’s artwork should not be removed and that it should not be changed. Her work gains a protective status when Terri uses her superpowers to create a giant protest in minutes and earn news coverage for the statue.  This means that Fiona does get paid even though she intentionally made a giant vagina to gain recognition and seduce Grayson. She succeeds on both counts.

Jane is having trouble controlling her emotions this week. It starts because she’s worried Owen will drop dead. Just plain drop dead, no divas or angels or shenanigans involved. I’m worried about that too! It gets worse for her when Deb’s mother arrives and is being sued because a girl got hurt at her dance studio. Her mother’s return coupled with memories of how difficult Bobbi was as a dance teacher makes it hard for her to remain objective.

I always enjoy Jane interacting with either of her moms, but I can never get over how sad it is. She can never really have a true relationship with either mother because Deb’s mom isn’t aware of their connection, and she isn’t the person Jane’s mom thinks she is. Jane’s mother can never mourn her daughter, and Bobbi will never know her daughter is still alive. I like scenes with Jane’s past or current family, but they always depress me too.

Jane’s emotion didn’t ultimately get the better of her even when a representative from the insurance company barged his way onto the case and sold out Bobbi. I thought the plot could have survived without the meager tension he added, and he was ultimately unnecessary. Plus, he apparently got fired because Jane got Bobbi off the hook, but he advised his client to settle for $15,000. I know I’m supposed to cheer because Jane’s moral superiority prevailed, but I doubt a big, scary insurance firm is going to even notice that money is gone. My father does some work with health insurance companies and hospitals, and I cry when I think about some of the stories he’s told me. I am a poor cheapskate. Insurance companies are not. Well, they definitely aren’t poor. I did tell my dad about this, and he said it was technically possible that a person could get fired in a situation like this because sometimes, in his words, “weird shit happens.”

After Jane wins, she tells Bobbi that she taught Deb never to give up. It wasn’t my favorite case, but I loved that cute mother-daughter moment and that Jane got to introduce Owen to Bobbi. Neither Bobbi nor Owen knew the whole situation, but they could both tell it was important by the way Jane was acting. That was a small moment, but it was touching to see Jane be so enthused to introduce two people she really cares about.

Stacy’s work this week involved being a temporary roadblock in Jane’s case and flirting with Luke. It was funny to see that her sudden bakery skills didn’t translate to making cookies when no one appeared thrilled by the treats she made for Owen. While Stacy was charming when she said that Disney princesses make her cry because they are all orphans, her flirting with Luke wasn’t too thrilling. I had assumed they were going to go there eventually, and I’m glad it didn’t get too far since I’m sure Fred’s return will be dramatic enough without having the new angel steal the love of his life. And seriously, when is Fred returning? Is Mad Men done with him yet?

Stacy misread Luke because he has his eye on Kim instead of her. The relationship between Kim and Parker has soured this season, and Luke and Kim are both so attractive separately that it’s impossible for them to be anything but beautiful together. They might be entertaining for a few episodes.  They had chemistry earlier in the season, but I thought the writers abandoned that idea.

I guess the big highlight of this episode was for people who watch Dance Moms, which is apparently everyone but me. Abby Lee Miller and of the kids, Maddie Ziegler, were featured in Jane’s case. I didn’t think Miller’s appearance was that great considering all the hype about it. It was very brief too, but maybe those who watch both shows enjoyed it. I thought Maddie held her own considering her major television experience comes from reality TV. She was overacting but I might not have noticed it if I thought she was just any other child actor.

Overall, the episode entertained me, but it’s probably not one I’ll remember. I was more excited by the promo for next week than this whole episode. Next week, Jane decides she’s going to tell Owen who she really is. Is that possible? Probably not. She was allowed to tell Stacey for some reason, but I still don’t think it will happen.

Were you more excited by the promo for next week or that Enver Gjokaj from Dollhouse had a small appearance as opposing counsel this week?