Things started off this episode nice and naked when Labia, Matt’s stalker, appeared in his house sans clothing to bake him cookies. She’s really is the sweetest little creeper. Her appearance was brief, but it suggested that she’s going to be a continuing problem for Matt.

In other plot setup news, Morning’s ridiculously botched plastic surgery was fixed with $40,000 worth of CGI. In the meantime, Beverly met Morning’s “kid brother”, Rob, who seems like a really cool dude, even if he doesn’t look like he’s the younger sibling. The two seem to hit it off, and Morning even asks Beverly if she would be interested in going out with Rob, but Bev declines. She wants to know that things with her and Sean are finished completely before branching out again. However, Carol disagrees, and encourages Beverly to start moving on. Carol  also begs Bev for the rights to the Lincolns’ screwed up relationship problems, because they’d be a great show in her opinion. “I will guarantee you six on the air right now on this trail!”

As for Pucks!, it’s sweeps time, and Merc asks Matt to try and get one of his Friends friends to guest star on the show to up the ratings. Matt agrees, but only if Merc promises to make Matt the center of all of the Pucks! promotions. A hilarious montage ensues as Matt goes through all the Friends friends, failing miserably in every attempt to get them on the show. Apparently, Matt has a tendency to make jokes in poor taste that alienate his co-stars. Whoops. He can’t even get Jennifer Aniston’s cell phone number. In the end, the only Friends cast member he manages to bring on the show is James Michael Tyler, the actor who played the recurring character of Gunther, the coffee shop manager.

All the while, Merc’s Man of the Year award is swiftly approaching, and Matt is supposed to present it to him. As he struggles to write a speech for the occasion, Matt asks the Lincolns to pen one for him. It’s easier said than done. Apparently, it’s hard to find nice things to say about Merc without resorting to bald jokes. A bit of drinking seems to help liven up their writing session, which actually leads the Lincolns into opening up to one another about how things have been going. Beverly even asks about how Sean’s time with Morning was, and it’s a very honest and funny moment between the pair.

When Sean asks Beverly if she’s been with anyone, she admits that she’s actually just waiting for Sean to want her again. Maybe it’s the honesty, maybe it’s the shared laughs, or maybe it’s just the alcohol, but the Lincolns begin to make love. It’s a moment that leaves the audience reminded of how good these two are together, and it’s these interactions that make the show as good as it is. Mangan and Greig are so real in these scenes, so good together, that it’s going to be hard to watch either in any future projects without the other present. They’re a natural team. The entire scene is perfection – until it’s not. Sean stops himself, upset that he can’t manage to get the image of Matt and Beverly having sex out of his mind. “I love you. You know that. But, I can’t do this anymore.” With that, Sean leaves Beverly once more, seeming more sure than ever that these two are going to have a hell of time getting back together.

reminding the audience just how good of friends these two are, regardless of their marriage status. Moments like this make the show. Tamsin and __ are so good together, it will be hard to ever see them working with anyone ever again. Things start to get back on the right track for a moment when the Lincolns start making love in the office…. But then Sean can’t get through it without picturing Bev and Matt. “I love you. You know that. But, I can’t do this anymore.”

As usual, the show started off a bit weak, but managed to nail the landing. It will be great when the Lincolns are over their issues, because it might be the thing that’s holding the show back at this point. It’s not the best strategy to keep reminding us week after week how much better the Lincolns are as a functioning unit, only to break them apart again. There’s only so many times that works before it starts to defy logic. Please, Episodes. Quit breaking my heart.

Lindsay Duke

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