FAT MATT: The heart of this episode’s drama was centered on Matt Leblanc’s weight. Merc and Carol call the Lincolns in for a meeting and tell them that Matt’s just getting too big, explaining that while fat is funny, “you can’t start out sexy and then get fat.” It’s the Lincolns job to break the news to Matt, and as usual, he doesn’t take criticism well. The best gag of the episode comes from a moment on set when a strange shadow in Matt’s pants can be seen on camera. At first, the Lincolns think that maybe it’s just Matt’s… Uh… Y’know. The director is tasked with pointing out the problem to Matt, and it turns out the actor actually has a pocket full of candy. The reveal is drawn out and excruciatingly embarrassing.

Matt’s self-esteem continues to take a hit as Jamie’s attempts to cheer him up only make him feel worse, and then a celebrity blog starts making fun of his weight as well. Miserable, Matt eats an entire pie on his own and watched old footage of a younger, thinner Matt. Wallowing in his own pain, Matt calls up his stalker, Labia, and invites her over. Dun dun dun…

DATE NIGHT: After almost reconnecting with Sean but getting the brush off, Beverly agrees to go out with Morning’s brother Rob. She worries to Carol about how bad her firsts dates usually go, mostly because the stress gets to her and it turns her into a different person. On the actual date, she proves herself correct. Beverly can’t stop rambling and sweating, making a fool of herself. Her only reprieve is when Andrew, the Lincolns old PA, makes another appearance. He’s shocked to find out that she and Sean have separated.

The moment becomes even more awkward when Sean calls to speak with Beverly and she has to tell her husband that she’s out with another man. Sean seems shocked and a little devastated. After they end their call, Beverly apologizes profusely to Rob about how terrible the night has been and tells him they can end it right then and there if he prefers. Rob actually decides they just need a do-over date, and she agrees.

The interesting parts of this episode dealt with the pressure of appearances. Matt’s body issues lead him to a rather desperate and depressing move — initiating contact with his stalker just for reassurance. Beverly, on the other hand, pushes through her own awkwardness and manages to do alright. There’s certainly something in those moments that lends to a bigger message, things that will probably have a strong fallout in the next episodes.

How badly do you think Matt screwed up by inviting Labia over?

Lindsay Duke

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