Hey, guys! As promised, there is a photo recap this week. Ta da!





 Overall thoughts: 

I felt that compared to the awesome episode last week, this one just wasn’t nearly as entertaining. My reasons are as follows:

1) What was the point of the Luna/Sam arc? Was it just for the lawls of seeing Sam Trammell act girly?

2) I felt like the end to the Don Bartelo storyline was too abrupt, especially after the cliffhanger last week with his crazy wife. I thought we would see more of her this episode but I guess she just let Lafayette go offscreen.

3) I’m not a fan of how the Ifrit storyline is being handled. Rather than a kill or be killed situation, I would have liked to see Holly, Arlene, Terry, and the Seargent team up together to take the monster down, though I suppose there is still room for this to happen.

4) A lot of the “tense” situations this episode just weren’t actually tense. We know that Hoyt isn’t gonna shoot Jessica. We know that Alcide isn’t going to get his head bashed in by RJ. There was no sense of danger.

However, I do feel like a lot of the blahness of this episode comes from the fact that it had the tough job of setting up the course for the second half of the season. A lot of the storylines got a fresh breath of life. We have the Ifrit storyline taking a sudden turn. The Eric vs. the Authoritah storyline is raised to new stakes with Bill’s plan. Mom and Dad Stackhouse’s killer vamp knows he’s being chased.

I dunno, guys. Am I being too harsh? Leave your thoughts down below and thanks for reading!