Nancy actually did it. She dumped the pot.

I feel really bad when I say this, but…this new Nancy is boring. The only reason I can see that anyone would want to watch Weeds is that there definitely must be an instantaneous fascination with this woman. In its final season, however, Nancy just seems so tired. Perhaps this is the most realistic way of telling the story, but honestly…what is going on? Nancy is walking around like a zombie, and as I already said…SHE DUMPED THE POT!

There were several interesting potential plot points in this episode:

Silas and his new buddy R.J. (guest star Dominic Dierkes)

The scenes between these two were positively drenched with homoerotic undertones, so it was no surprise when R.J. blatantly suggested that he wanted to slob on some knob. I have only recently been informed that some of the fans have felt that they have “playing” with Silas’ sexuality for the entire series; referring back to how he impregnated his deaf girlfriend Megan. For those of you who cannot remember it was doggy style. I fail to see the connection and never once thought Silas was possibly gay. That said, I am very interested to see where this storyline could go. R.J. is clearly a total craycray, which could result in some awesome material for Silas. My only concern is that this storyline doesn’t seem like it serves a larger purpose in bringing the Silas character to some type of full circle resolution, unless he decides he is gay. Even so, I think I would rather see him reconnect with his father. I’m still burned over the fact that he left him at the end of season 6. Shane is f*cked, and has been, still he started talking to his dead father in season 3, but Silas has always been the one bright spot of Nancy’s parenting skills. He deserves a relationship with Lars, his dad.

Nancy’s attraction to Judah Lite (a.k.a Rabbi David Bloom, guest star David Julian Hirsh)

I hope I wasn’t the only one who picked up on that. Could her first and last husbands be Jewish? מעניין. That is Hebrew for interesting, I think. It would certainly be poetic.

 Jill and Andy (and Doug)

Andy basically admitted he loves Jill, thus solidifying for me that he is moving on from Nancy. Doug has largely been a background character this season but he ended up giving it to Jill from behind against a fence outside when Andy had sex with some naked roller derby chick. I suppose if Andy can’t have Nancy, it would be make sense for him to fall in love with Jill. I think they call that transference in therapy. However he did seem genuinely hurt (as hurt as Andy can be) when Jill came out of the bedroom with Doug.

Shane and Angela (guest star Daniéle Watts)

Angela is by far my favorite guest star this season. She’s really fun and sweet. So sweet in fact, I don’t think Shane really deserves either, even if they are one of the cutest things about this show, in like, ever. I just can’t get over how much Shane has changed this season. It’s like he is fueling his insane tendencies into the “positive” side of society, although that depends on how you look at it.

Anyway, back to this Nancy dumps the pot business. WTF?! What is she doing? She talks about being broke, not being able to afford Stevie’s soccer team, etc. and then she dumps it. I’m not sure what show I’m watching anymore when Nancy is making more responsible decisions. Although, again, it depends on how you look at it.

That said, I am really excited for the series finale which will be an HOUR long episode, and if you haven’t heard already it will guest star Natasha Lyonne from the American Pie series. I think she could be really fun!

In other news, it looks like Doug’s punk son Josh Wilson (guest star Justin Chatwin) will also be returning to the series final episode. He was only featured on the first episode of the series, so this is sort of brilliant!