After Nastasia’s best picture at panel last week, she chose Kiara to stay with her in the Tyra Suite, because even though it seems like everyone hates Kiara, apparently they are friends.  In the rest of the house, Laura is sick of the drama that comes with living in a house full of girls, Brittany is still in shock that she beat out Leila in the bottom two, and Yvonne is pissed at Bryan Boy for shaking his head at Brittany’s higher score.

Yvonne is clearly going to be the focus this week (like Leila was last week), because while she is on the phone Victoria listens in and talks about how she doesn’t think Yvonne’s head is in the game anymore, and Yvonne herself says that she is super tired and that the competition is very hard.  Clearly this does not bode well for her.

For the next challenge the girls are at a special effects production house, where they are going to bring a video game to life by acting out the moves in motion capture suits.  Of course the girls are acting out their video game scene with Rob, because apparently he is obligated to be at every single ANTM event all season.  Poor guy, he clearly got a really crappy contract deal.

Laura continued her winning streak and ended up winning the challenge.  This makes her bestie Kristen think she is her biggest competition, which could mean that Kristen’s mean girl side could finally turn on her fellow blonde.  Victoria struggled with the physical aspects of the event, which caused her to get the second lowest score and made her even more scared about her position in the competition and led to yet another sobbing conversation with her mom aka the love of her life.  How much longer is Victoria going to be able to handle being away from her?

The next day the girls have a “Steam Punk” photo shoot, which mixes Victorian style with 19th century machines, and the girls are going to be shooting with a ‘temperamental costar’ aka an owl, which freaks out Kristen, who apparently has a thing against birds and thinks everyone else should too.

Bryan Boy made an appearance on set, and Brittany actually was brave enough to go speak to him about his actions last panel.  He explained that his reaction wasn’t about her, but about Leila’s performance and he gave her some advice that really cleared up any bitter feelings she might have had and she pulled out a pretty fierce photoshoot afterwards.

Kristen struggles a bit in her shoot, since the bird is making her so stiff, and Yvonne, with her bitter attitude has to change her skirt in the middle shoot, which doesn’t help with her annoyance.  She makes a face about it and Bryan calls her out on being rude.  Yvonne only gets more annoyed and sarcastically apologizes to the whole set.

After the shoot, Yvonne has some sort of regrets about her attitude and apologizes to Bryan, with tears and everything so you know it is genuine.  They talk it out and it seems fine, but of course when she gets back to the house she talks about what a brat he is with Kristen. Girls never change, do they?

At panel, Kiara continues to struggle with social media while Victoria and Kristen’s stances with the fans are beginning to slip.  In general pretty much all the girls do so-so with the judges except for Laura, who is still just killing it at this point, and gets a perfect score from all three of the judges. Obviously she is the one who gets best picture, while Victoria and Yvonne are left in the bottom two.  Yvonne’s poor attitude ends up being worse than Victoria’s poor performance, because she is the one sent off to the comeback competition, still blaming Bryan the whole way there.

Next week the girls go on a road trip and Victoria is crying on the phone to her mom (again) and the girls think she might have an eating problem. Is it true? What would it mean for Victoria and the competition? I guess we will have to watch next week to see!