I walked into this episode with high expectations after having to wait two weeks due to the VMA’s. Seriously, MTV? You couldn’t pick any other night to actually celebrate music videos? While it wasn’t the best half hour of TV I’d ever seen, I’d easily dub this week’s Awkward. as the best episode of Season 2. However, this is coming from someone who loves What If? episodes, so take that with a grain of salt.

I’m glad that Jenna has finally realized that she doesn’t need Jake or Matty McKibben, though it seemed to come out of nowhere since last week she couldn’t stop whining over having to make a choice. She obviously doesn’t watch any current scripted shows if she thinks love triangles only happen on reality TV too. I was deeply offended by her backhanded slander of Chris Harrison. That man is a saint! A saint, I say! I also thought that four different fictional scenarios was a bit overkill, though the Twilight parody was hilarious, especially when they made fun of themselves for naming one of the love triangle participants Jake. The fourth, neutral story line was boring and unnecessary, but I really liked the Matty McKibben’s Girl and Jake’s Girl stories, because the awesome personality shifts are what make these kind of specials so interesting to watch.

Source: MTV

Essentially Jenna creates a skitchy version of herself with boobs (more like foobs) by choosing Matty McKibben, and a clingy, lovesick version that ends up with Jake. These fever dreams make her realize that both scenarios suck harder than the unhappy medium she’s been living. I found it interesting that Lacey was so submissive and worshipped everything that Jennadie did. Yep, Jennadie, because she had her own catch phrase, manipulated Val and rocked a cheerleader uniform. I fully expected Kevin to appear and slap some sense into both of them. Then the tables turn when Jenna picks Jake. He hates the tongue-bathing treatment he got when Jenna was trying to make Matty McKibben jealous earlier this season, and he ‘awesomes’ her ‘I love you.’ I would have liked to see more of a change in Tamara and Lissa, who were still a trash talking loudmouth and prude in skank’s clothing, respectively.

However, it looks as though there will be a light at the end of this 12-episode tunnel, as Jenna will reveal her choice next week and the promos lead us to believe that Kevin and Lacey get back together. That begs the question, what kind of drama does this leave our heroine to encounter next season? Who do you predict Jenna will choose?