Drop Dead Diva has always been full of fluffy plots and odd logic, but I find it less endearing than I did when it started. I decided I was being too critical about the show because I don’t think it’s gotten too much more ridiculous, and I still willingly tune in each week.  I was enjoying the finale a lot and happily brushing aside everything that didn’t make sense, and then the creators had to test me.  And I failed miserably. Old Jane came back to Earth and took over Owen’s body. I don’t even. I mean, I’ve got nothing. I need help reacting to this (thanks, Abed). I don’t even know how to properly express how ridiculous this is. I’ve joked about a Drop Dead Diva drinking game before, but if I want to watch next season, I’m going to have to be plastered to put up with this shit.

So, yeah. Nothing in this episode will top the real Jane now being in a male judge who is engaged to her old body, but let’s go over everything else anyway (and ignore how that sentence sounds dirty).

Okay, Kim is trying a case filled with celebrities. I’m almost positive one of them is from some semi famous girl group from awhile back, and the other one is Kelly Osborne with lurid purple hair, who is currently famous for being Miley Cyrus’s friend. The girl isn’t Miley Cyrus, so that’s one pop star down. Honestly, I could IMDB it, but I’m determined to figure it out myself. This probably wasn’t the best case for a finale. It wasn’t that exciting, but it had famous people and maybe related somehow… the girl was framed for doing something she wrote about in a song, and the real Jane was mad because she was framed for… everything Jane has done in her body? I guess that works.

Kim wins her case with the help of Stacy, and I hope they both get more interesting storylines next year. Though if I don’t watch it really doesn’t matter, but Kim deserves better. Of course, that might only be my opinion because I’m pretty sure I have a crush on Kate Levering. She wore an awful dress at the wedding, and I still thought she was pretty.  Plus, she seems so lively and fun in those commercials with the actors that I always mistake for the real show so I stop fast forwarding too early.

Anyway, Kim is pregnant, and after a little misdirection we find out the father really is Parker. Which is sweet. I’m a sucker for Kim and Parker. They’re the first couple I was interested in on this show.  And that’s saying something because I loved Fred before I watched the pilot, but he and Stacey didn’t get me until later.

Though who knows what will happen to Kim’s almost beau, Luke. He occasionally gives Jane vague and dramatic advice, but I don’t know if he’ll be needed next season. I don’t mind if he stays though. He’s hot and he’s been really adorable in the past few episodes.  Parker was building a bike for his son, and Luke assumed Kim told him she was pregnant.  I don’t think fetuses need bikes that big.

Grayson and Jane take a case that involves a couple from their past, and the metaphor between them and this couple was actually more obvious than the thing I reached for with the other case, but I don’t even want to talk about it. Basically, every little thing in this episode was contrived for them to kiss. Right up to a little nail that dug into Jane’s veil. The veil was made of the strongest material in the world, since it didn’t break and gave Grayson the opportunity to walk in and save her before announcing he loved her.

I was never a huge fan of Grayson and Jane because Grayson is like an attractive robot that makes out with a lot of women but has no personality. Seriously, did he get worse when I wasn’t looking? When Jane accused him of not getting over Deb I think he was supposed to be icy and trying to control his temper, but he just sounded so flat. It would have been better if they just let him get angry, but maybe all of that was him acting angry. It’s hard to tell.

There have been times I’ve cheered for them, but I just wasn’t convinced. Maybe one could say she was still pining for Grayson, but I never saw it. She only seemed to remember him once Owen left. And I have no idea where Grayson saying he’s loved her for a long time came from. That really wasn’t clear in the story this season. I was just hoping they would make sense when they finally got together again because Owen and Jane are so cute, and they deserved a better ending. I figured he would have a heart attack at some point, but I wanted him and Jane to get to say goodbye and have closure. Instead Lex Medlin will be acting like a woman next season in a plot I can already see dragging on because five people will think it’s funny.

However, the last bits of Jane and Owen we got were wonderful. They were perfect this episode in the way that they are always so perfect that it is hard to believe she still loves Grayson. The actors genuinely have chemistry, and play a couple who really work together and love each other. I will miss them a lot. It’s fairly easy to have chemistry if you aren’t a robot, but it’s hard to make a steady, healthy relationship work on TV. Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound very interesting. But honestly, every show has love triangles and overwhelming obstacles to overcome before the lovers can be together. But when they get together, it goes stale. So, I like boring, normal relationships because they’re hard to do and they’re unique on TV.

It is never a good sign when vows are read before the ceremony on TV, but I loved Owen’s vows. My bar for vows is set pretty high with this. I didn’t even really like Burke and Christina, and they were clearly doomed because of all the off screen drama, but damn that was a good speech. Owen’s vows were close, and I already loved him and Jane so I just tried to enjoy the cuteness of that moment without being too distraught about their impending doom.

Real Jane entered the picture this week after watching that Jane didn’t want to wear the tiara that generations of their family wore for weddings. I thought Jane was justified because that just seemed too personal to me. And I was all kinds of uncomfortable with Real Jane watching the whole time, but I overlooked it because I thought it was a neat twist at first. The best thing about Real Jane was watching her say some complicated legal statement without doing that “aha!” thing.  Though she thought Deb somehow destroyed her life. How? Deb had a successful legal career and an upcoming marriage and… a goldfish her and Stacy bought last episode? It’s a pretty good life, and it’s not like Jane was using her body anymore.

Really though, the whole point of this episode is: FRED. Beautiful, adorable, clueless Fred who let another soul escape back to Earth. I don’t even hate him a little bit for the shark jumping stupidness this caused because he’s Fred.

Finally, I have to talk about the wedding. I was never a girl that planned her wedding, but I’ve somehow become addicted to Four Weddings against my will. The little chairs as place cards? Adorable.  And unique because I have watched literally every episode of Four Weddings that comes on TV, and no one has done that.  However, Four Weddings would not approve of this setting.  There is no decoration on the chairs, which is apparently a big thing. And it’s pretty simple, but I liked the gazebo thing out front. Also, Jane’s dress is kind of gross. She looks really pretty, but I hate sleeves. Why would you put even the bridesmaids in long sleeves for a summer wedding?

On the positive side, I did not see the twist coming at all. On the negative side, that is because it is incredibly stupid.  I am already cringing at the thought of Real Jane being Fake Owen, and Grayson and Jane will still probably end up apart until the next finale because of guilt. On the positive side again, Fred.  I’m just going to forget this all happened for now and think of Fred.

What recent finales have been more stupid than this one in your opinion? And if you are looking forward to this new development, please tell me why.  I can’t figure out a single way that this will be good.

Oh and I couldn’t figure it out. That girl was Chelsea Kane, but I totally thought it was either Aly or AJ.