Hello Fringies, it’s been a long time. So, in two days from now Fringe returns and I was talking to a friend about it when I discovered she hadn’t seen all the awesome teasers Fox has released. Thinking about that I decided to make a post with all the released teasers of 5×01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” just to tease you a little more. Besides, what is a two day wait when we’ve almost been through the hiatus?

Teaser #1 “Cerebral Scan Protocol”

Teaser #2 “Travel Protocol”

Teaser #3 “Residency Protocol”

Teaser #4 “Wanted – Peter Bishop”

Teaser #5 “Wanted – Astrid Farnsworth”

Teaser #6 “Wanted – Walter Bishop”

I have to say, the first three teasers freak me out. These “protocols” are just super creepy. I also love the other three because of the hidden messages in which one. On Peter’s video the hidden message is “thought unifier”, what’s also on the premiere’s name so it must be important. On Astrid’s video, I can’t be sure as to wheter she’s saying “My God, Walter” or “They got Walter”. And on Walter’s video, I’m almost sure he says “I failed the world.”

Did you like the teasers? Did you hear the same thing as I did in the character’s wanted videos? Are you excited? Tell me what you think below.

Source: Youtube’s Fringe Latino Channel.