Hello Fringies, it’s finally here. Yes, season five has arrived and for that I am very happy. Of course the Fringe premiere has made me cry ’cause it wouldn’t be Fringe if it hadn’t. Anyway, it was simply amazing and if you hadn’t watched it yet, you just have to.

The episode begun with Peter having a dream about the Observer Invasion and of course it was very emotional. We’re talking about Fringe, the show that talks about love above all the fictional science. The love of a father that led to the almost destruction of two universes. The love of a son who managed to forgive his father for everything he’s done. The love between two people that could save not only themselves but the world. And the love of another father, who gave up saving the world once more to first save his little girl.

Moving on, the future sucks. And there’s a chance Olivia is alive! Apparently Walter and September worked together on a plan to get rid of the Observers and then they scrambled everything on Walter’s mind. Olivia was at the Columbus Circle getting something for Walter that would make the plan clear. And they go there to get her. I love how Peter really believes she’s alive and how he wants Etta to believe too. Unfortunately, Olivia is not there because people have been taken out of amber to be sold on the black market. When the team goes there, she’s not there either but it’s adorable to see Walter talking to Etta like she is the three year old he lost in 2015. Plus, they found out where she was. With Markham.

Do you remember Markham? The bookstore guy who looks like a penguin. Yeah, he bought Olivia because he was in love with her. Man, I gotta admit, I love Markham but I LOL’d at this scene. Too bad the amber gypsy also sold the info to the Observers. In the end, they were able to take Olivia from Markham but Walter was captured. Etta and Peter released Olivia from amber and we could clearly see the Polivia love I missed so much during the hiatus. But there was something a little off… Then Olivia saw Etta. She looked back at Peter as if she wanted him to confirm who that was and they “met” and it was beautiful. Damn, give Anna Torv and Georgina Haig their Emmys. And Windmark gives me the creeps.

Etta then takes her parents — also known as the most good-looking parents ever — and Astrid to a resistance basis. Then there was the most emotional scene of the episode. We found out why there was something off between Peter and Olivia. When Etta vanished, Olivia and Peter looked for her but then Olivia went away to try to save the world. Peter didn’t, he kept looking. And I already see people bashing on Peter and seriously, can you just stop for a second and put yourself on his shoes? He’s only human and he couldn’t deal with the loss of his child. Peter never had a family. His mother killed herself, his father was in an asylum for seventeen years. Olivia and Etta were finally his family. Seriously, Fringe, why must you make me cry? And wow, Joshua’s acting on this scene…I wish people would see how great of an actor he really is.

Etta interrupts their conversation to take them inside the basis and we discover what the device Olivia had with her was: a transience thought unifier model-11, a device that accesses the information you keep hidden in your brain. Then they find Walter. And then there is the first appearance of a cerebral scan. And it’s something I hope I can never see again because when the veins around Walter’s pupil exploded and I saw the blood on his eye I got freaked out. It was awful. Walter managed to fight but he couldn’t hide all the information and ended up fainting.

Back at the resistance basis, Peter and Olivia talk about Etta and they discover where Walter is: the Nepean building. The problem is there’s no way to get in there. Unless they are dead, ha ha. No, wait. That’s exactly what they do, Peter uses a tech invented by the resistance to seem dead and Etta goes into the building with Peter and another guy — this was actually dead. Meanwhile Walter is still having the cerebral scan. It’s clear that being daughter of the most BAMF couple ever, Etta is the most BAMF girl in 2036. Peter and Etta manage to get Olivia inside and they create a distraction with the air… How should I call the thing that makes air worse to breath? Anyway, they screw the air control up and the most badass family ever manages to get Walter out. That’s the good thing. Bad thing is now Windmark knows who Etta is.

Ok, there’s another bad thing: Walter has lost all of his memories about the plan and other things that happened after he was released from amber meaning the plan to defeat the Observers is gone. I feel so sorry for Walter on this scene because once again he blames himself, saying he failed the world. And the episode ends with Walter figuring out that the lights that woke him up were from a few CDs near an abandoned car and going there to listen to some music. Then he sees a flower in the middle of all that gray, what I think means that we shouldn’t lose hope.

This is it, Fringies. Great premiere, don’t you think? I’ve always thought season three was the best Fringe season ever but judging by this episode and by 5.02 In Absentia’s promo, I’m guessing this will be the best season. Can I just say I love the dark tone the series is getting. If you watched the next episode’s promo you know what I’m talking about. I guess that’s it, see you next week.