This show had me hooked from the promos, and I’m glad I still liked it after seeing the whole episode since I signed up to review it. However, my reaction to next week’s episode will probably be more telling than this one. I watched The Mindy Project right after Sons of Anarchy, and I was not in my right mind. I might have even enjoyed Two and A Half Men after that.  Seriously, if you watch SOA, are you still sobbing? I’m still sobbing.

Anyway, this is not about the show with hot bikers that I’m obsessed with. This is a show about moderately attractive doctors and a neurotic heroine. I instantly liked said heroine, conveniently named Mindy, because of her romantic comedy obsession. Maybe that was a ploy to make me relate to her… It worked.  I never had a crush on Tom Hanks, but I wasn’t completely immune to the charms of Richard Gere. Runaway Bride though, not Pretty Woman.

Mindy seems to have no filter and a penchant for getting into trouble which never works well in real life but will probably cause all kinds of amusing situations every episode. My favorite part this week was Mindy’s drunken hallucination when she fell into a pool. There’s always that moment in every pilot that sets up the whole show, where circumstances make the main character realize the direction their life is heading. I loved that this big epiphany moment came while Mindy was drunk in the pool talking to a Barbie doll. Who was talking back.  It was random, quirky and made no sense, and I am very much okay with that happening in my comedies.

The guys I wasn’t so fond of. Bill Hader and Ed Helms didn’t get to do anything worthwhile in their guest roles, but I think the way the male leads were played was deliberate. The British guy is using Mindy for sex, and the other, less hot one is a complete douchebag, but he totally secretly likes her. I hate parts in shows and movies where dudes have to explain what men really want and how naïve silly women are, but I did end up liking the less hot guy a little bit anyway. He was right, her outfit did suck. He also may have had me when he loudly wondered about the appeal of Downton Abbey at the wedding.  I don’t get it either, less hot guy. And his line in response to what Mindy called false arrest, “Did they catch the real drunk girl who fell into the pool?” was one of the reasons I wanted to watch in the first place. So I will probably have to learn his name in the future.

Aside from Mindy and the less hot guy, none of the other main characters thrilled me. I’m sure I’ll like Stephen Tobolowsky as they show him more, and it was nice to see that Penelope escaped Blair’s clutches and found a job as a receptionist. But I didn’t care about the other receptionist, the British guy, or the blonde friend. Okay, I will try to learn everyone’s names next week. SOA was really sad, okay? I’m still in mourning, I can’t be expected to remember trivial things like names.

Overall,  the show was cute, I’m depressed that Mindy Kaling is considered chubby and I’m looking forward to next week. What did you think?