Reminder: the Klaus Mikaelson vs Eric Northman round is STILL open and will close tomorrow at 3pm ET. But we need to get a few rounds over with before the weekend comes, and so we’ll have both polls open at the same time for 24 hours (as well as tomorrow when we begin the final preliminary round). Klaus vs Eric is really close, so make sure to vote by clicking here!

Round 7 includes two CW brunette beauties: it’s Brooke Davis from WB-transplant teenage soap opera One Tree Hill and Elena Gilbert from The CW’s supernatural soap opera The Vampire Diaries. Whether Brooke is on an emotional outpour or Elena is disagreeing with a takedown plan, there’s one thing in common: I always need to raise my volume!

But which whisper-talker do you like more? Will it be Brooke? Or will it be Elena! Sound off below!

You can vote as many times as you like. This poll closes Friday at 3pm ET. Check out the entire tournament bracket by clicking here. Next up: Rick Grimes vs Scott McCall.

Round 1: Chuck Bass vs Emily Thorne | Winner: Chuck Bass
Round 2: Tina Belcher vs Marge Simpson | Winner: Tina Belcher
Round 3: John Casey vs Jack Donaghy | Winner: John Casey
Round 4: Jack Bauer vs John Reese | Winner: John Reese
Round 5: Angel vs Adam Conant | Winner: Angel
Round 6: Klaus Mikaelson vs Eric Northman | VOTE NOW!
Round 7: Brooke Davis vs Elena Gilbert | Vote above!
Round 8: Rick Grimes vs Scott McCall | Opens tomorrow!