The time has come! We finally get to find out who the winner of the comeback competition is and who gets to go to Jamaica with the rest of the girls.  In a countdown that eliminated each girl one by one, it came down to Leila and Allyssa, with Leila ultimately getting the final spot.  This is not surprising at all, since her initial elimination was a huge shock in the first place. Of course the remaining girls aren’t thrilled, especially Laura, who is concerned that Leila will be a threat to her position as the top dog in the competition.

In other news from panel, the girls are all still super pissed at Victoria for throwing them under the bus in front of the judges, but Victoria, the clueless girl she is, still stands firm in her belief that she has been a victim of bullying.  And, of course, she just wants to talk to her mom.  Tyra, why won’t you let the poor girl call her mom??

While all this discontent is happening, the girls pack up their stuff and fly off to Jamaica, where they are greeted by a bus full of beautiful male models.  The men take them to their house on the beach where they meet up with Tyra and dance to some Jamaica music.  While they are partying Kiara is making a love connection with one of the male models.  Will she be able to stay focused with a lover in the area?

After the party Tyra and the men have dinner with the girls and Tyra tells the girls that to be a great model they have to be smizers AND toochers.  And since she is an expert in both of these made up talents, Tyra gives them some important pointers.  Isn’t she the best?

The next day the girls meet up with Jonte’, their ‘body moving mentor’ (wtf is that? Bring back Ms. Jay!), and Konshens, a Jamaican dancer/singer, who are both there to teach the girls about Jamaican dance.  After watching a routine, the girls have to get in pairs and choreograph their own dance with the help from some locals.  Laura and Kristen put in a respectable white girl effort, while Victoria and Leila’s dance was just painful to watch.  Kiara and Nastasia clearly had the best dance skills and they ended up getting the best score, even though Konshens said it didn’t look like they were having a lot of fun.  They were just going hard, man, come on!

At the photo shoot, the girls are shooting a love triangle on a river raft with, you guessed it, Rob, the panel judge who is always there and their new male model friends. The girls get to pick their male model partner, so of course Kiara picks her lover, Corey.  She is a little distracted during her shoot, but she manages to pull it out well enough.

There is a bit of (not so) friendly competition going on between Laura and Leila, who are the two ‘high-fashion’ contestants.  Basically, Laura is sh*ting her pants because Leila is back.  But she should also be worried about Nastasia, who does great in her shoot.  Meanwhile Kristen really struggles with working her body and doing her thing without a lot of direction from Johnny, which is something a model at this late stage of the game should be able to do.

At panel Leila doesn’t get the raves from the judges that she was hoping for, but she does great when compared to Kiara, who did not benefit from working with her boy-toy, and Victoria who both got bad reviews from the judges and the fans. The judges also get on Kristen for needing so much instruction and not being able to loosen up. Ultimately, her fear of looking stupid is going to be her downfall.  Nastasia and Laura both get great scores, but Nastasia’s score is better and she gets the first best picture in Jamaica. The bottom two comes down to Kiara and Victoria, who both struggled to show their true selves in their photos.  Victoria’s score is lower and she is the first one sent home from Jamaica so she finally gets to be reunited with her mother. I’m almost happy for her.  I know how much she missed her mom.

Next week Tyra is the photographer for the girls’ photo shoot and the tension between Leila and Kristen comes to a head. I can’t wait!