After last week’s panel, Victoria is still reeling from her trip to the bottom two and Laura, after her perfect sweep, decides to keep the Tyra Suite all to herself.

Kiara, who has dubbed herself the house mom, cooks up a lovely chili dinner for the girls, but Victoria is so stressed out and homesick for her mother that she has no desire to eat any of it and some of the girls have questions about her eating habits, or lack thereof.

The next day BryanBoy shows up at the girls’ house with Marissa Montgomery, who is a fashion host for Nylon online, and they tell the girls that they are going on a road trip to Palm Springs.  Bryan tells the girls that they are going to be split into two RVs and on this road trip they are going to have to be committing ‘random acts of modeling’ at their three pit stops as this week’s challenge.

Unfortunately, most of the girls don’t know what ‘random acts of modeling’ are.  They are supposed to modeling while doing everyday things, but very few pictures actually show that concept.  On the way to the final destination, Kiara realizes that her video somehow got deleted (apparently Victoria didn’t save it, which quickly cures Kiara’s desire to act as a mother figure for her), so they have to stop at the side of the road to re-tape it.

Laura is named the winner of the challenge for the second week in a row and she gets to host a segment for Nylon Magazine online. Victoria ends up getting the lowest score, which does nothing for her anxiety levels. But there is little time to dwell on it, because while the girls are relaxing in their motel rooms, Johnny comes in to take them to the photoshoot.

In their photoshoots the girls are portraying all sorts of hot messes, and once again Victoria comes in with another deep-winded, emotional back story for her shoot that entertains and kind of scares both Johnny and the photographer. Allyssa, whose name I didn’t even know before she became a focus this episode, tried to go all out in her shoot, but she didn’t quite nail it. Chances of her being in the bottom two? I’d say they are pretty high.

Before panel, Victoria is having yet another breakdown and she has one of her epic crying phone calls with her mother.  After the call, Nastasia and a few other girls confront her about her exercising and lack of eating. They just don’t think she is strong enough for the competition, and it honestly appears that they are correct.

At judging, Brittany and Nastasia get great reviews for their shots and Laura’s dominant streak comes to an end, as the judges don’t really care for her photo. Victoria also manages to get some pretty good scores from the judges, but BryanBoy calls her out for not being confident, which leads to the concerns of the other girls being revealed.  Victoria denies that she has a problem, but Tyra tells her that she will be watching her from here on out.  Nastasia manages to get the best photo this week, with Brittany being named the runner up.   In a surprising twist, Laura ends up in the bottom two along with Allyssa.  Of course, Allyssa wasn’t able to keep up with Laura’s winning challenge score and she gets sent home.

Next week is the best week of the season: go sees!! They always bring endless drama.  Also, Victoria gets into trouble with both Kiara and Kristen, two girls I don’t think anyone believes she is strong enough to handle.  Chances of that working out well for her? Slim to none, most likely, but I guess we will have to wait and see.