Hey, Fringies, sorry I’m late but this weekend was just crazy. I could only watch the episode on Monday so there you go. Who loved the episode? I know I did. But then again I always love Fringe.

The episode started with some Walstrid moments, something I never get tired of. They retrieved the first tape from amber and when the team watched it, it turned out it was the third. Because Walter didn’t put them in order, obviously. The tape gave them coordinates they needed to go to locate…well, something. We couldn’t watch it past the moment he says find. It would be too easy for Fringe. Anyway, the coordinates lead them to the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania.

I love Olivia’s moments with Etta and this episode was full of them. The first one was simply adorable as Etta told Olivia she used to imagine them going on missions together. Too bad they were interrupted by people with a serious skin condition. I almost expected one of them to say “don’t mind my face, I have bad acne”. Oh and they had guns and took the Team to a camp where they were being inspected when a man interrupted them and seemed to recognize Walter and the rest of the team. The amber thing was explained and the man, Edwin, showed Walter how he knew them: the camp is there to store history of mankind from the invasion onwards on data cubes and, since the Fringe Team is important, they have a cube just for them. No one knows what caused the skin condition on the people there but the minute the team got there they were exposed. And, when asked why not leave, Edwin answered that it was an important job to do, to document our history. Then, Walter explained that he needed to retrieve something from there and Edwin looked him up on the archive.

Etta, Peter and Olivia were waiting for Walter when River, Edwin’s son, showed up with some comic books he made himself asking the three to sign them. I loved River throughout the episode, he was so adorable. Olivia, though, seemed a little upset by the drawing of her with Etta on her arms, fighting Observers, especially when River said they were heroes. Meanwhile, at the lab, Astrid did some magic and was able to retrieve the part of the tape we couldn’t see. It said the team needed to locate a mine. Astrid then called Olivia and all I could think of it that Olivia’s ringtone is the same as Aria’s from Pretty Little Liars (well, at least I think it’s hers but it’s definitely one of the girl’s phone’s ringtone). Anyway, Astrid asks to speak to Walter and asks him if there’s any record of him being there. Being the answer no, she asks if there’s a mine there but he understands mime. Turns out there is a mine M-I-N-E near the camp.

In Manhattan, two loyalists gave Windmark the team’s location but one of them was a Resistance’s spy and warned Anil. Meanwhile the team was at the mine and they found a corpse who seemed to die from the same condition the people from the camp had, only much worse. Also, the mine seemed to be the source of the condition so they got out of it. It took a while but we finally saw our first season 5 corpse (it could be less disgusting, though). Did I mention the future suck? How is a pill an apple? Anyway, Peter then mentions an apple pie he and Olivia had after the invasion while looking for Etta and he asks her for the name of the restaurant but she says she doesn’t remember. I know, right? Olivia remembers everything, something must be wrong. And she did seem upset by something.

When the air sample was done Peter and Olivia were interrupted by Walter’s explanation as to what happened to the corpse. From what I understood, the gases the Observers have been putting in the atmosphere somehow affected Edwin and his people making their skin create a drastic immune response and therefore, the skin condition. Moving on, Edwin found something on the archive about the mine. Apparently a man tried to take some rocks from there and was taken away by the Observers, what made him relevant. Nothing mattered anymore when Olivia and Walter noticed that they had a stain like the people from the camp, though. The agony was way too big to think about anything until Walter removed them. Then I was able to think straight again and was  able to appreciate the fact that our crazy scientist already has an answer to the problem: to make a suit. He sent Peter and Olivia to the van to get a weather meter.  While they go, Anil warns Etta about the loyalists.

In the van, Peter and Olivia have one of those talks that simply melt my whole being. Not in the romantic way, the painful one, the one that’s full of angst and gah I can’t talk about it. Olivia was indeed upset when Peter mentioned the restaurant 21 years ago because while he tried in every possible way to find Etta, Olivia thought that she wasn’t programmed to be a mother and Etta going missing was her punishment for not enjoying as much as she could because she was too conflicted. She believed so much that Etta was dead that she didn’t want to find her because she knew how she’d be. Peter, however, tells her that he knows how much Olivia loves Etta and that the past is the past, that she should take the second chance their family was given. I got so many feelings after this scene I can’t even talk about it. Etta then interrupts them to warn them that the Observers are tracking them.

Back at the camp, Walter was doing his suit when he said he needed copper. The only way to get it was to trade with the other camp but Edwin said they were bad people. He also said they needed to leave or the Observers would find them. The Team argue with Edwin and River storms out, seeming upset with his father. Peter then goes to talk to Edwin – God, Peter, stop being adorable – who explains that he wanted to help but couldn’t because he wouldn’t know how to say goodbye to River. In the end, though, he accepts to help them and calls the other camp. After that, he talks to River about what means to be a hero and that he decided to help the Team. It’s amazing how Fringe makes me care about characters I’ve known for one episode because I was surely hoping Edwin wouldn’t die. Meanwhile the loyalists are getting closer.

Then Walter explains – in the tape they retrieved from amber – what the stones are for: they are a power source for the final part of the plan. Edwin says they could go but he couldn’t. He gives Peter and Olivia what they were going to trade and the coordinates of the other camp and they go but there was nothing there. Edwin goes to the mine and everyone at the camp hear an explosion. As an old man explained to the team, the other camp had no copper and Edwin got into the mine himself to get the rocks the team needed. Poor River, the look on his face kills me. And then he goes to the archive and documents the events of the day, what his father did and who he was.

To end the episode, it was showed that the team traded their van for a car. Smart move. The glyphs formed the word anger and, according to next episode’s promo, the time of making Fringe events is coming and I can’t wait for that. Too bad we’re gonna have to wait two freaking weeks! Anyway, what did you think of the episode? What do you think it’s going to happen in two weeks? Don’t you hate when baseball gets in the way of Fringe? Tell me your thoughts and see ya!