Hello, Fringies. Before we start I just wanna warn you all that this recap may suck because of my emotional state right now. And yes, you can blame it all on Fringe. This week’s episode may have started boring but the minute the Fringe Team attacked those loyalists it turned into an awesome – and then sad – episode. Let’s begin, shall we?

The episode started with Peter buying a necklace for Etta which basically screwed everything up. An Observer noticed Peter was trying to confuse him when he was being read and he had to run from Loyalists. He hid in the sewer but the Loyalists threw a bomb at him and he was exploded out of it or at least he walked out of it almost unconscious. He then was woken up by a kid. Meanwhile, at the lab, Walter and Astrid are retrieving another tape from the amber. I love how they seem even closer now. Anyway, as the team talked about the tapes and the plan, Peter arrived and everyone got worried about his wounds. He told the others what happened and confessed that he doesn’t know how they’re gonna be able to beat the Observers. Peter asks Etta to teach him how to prevent the Observers from reading him and she says she plans on teaching them all. Then Peter gives her the necklace he went on that store to buy since they used her old one for the lase. Gosh, he is so sweet and suck a great father.

As expected, an investigation happens in the store Peter went to and Windmark playing with the Simon was just fun to see ’cause it’s like he doesn’t understand it, lol. Anyway, Broyles arrive and he seems surprised to see Peter in the security “video”. But he hid his emotions well since he’s Broyles. Apparently Observers also don’t know what a necklace is. Windmark thinks that “the fugitives” are being helped by the Resistance and that a Loyalist that failed a security test is with the Resistance.

Back at the lab, they watch tape two of the plan to get rid of the Observers and, although it’s difficult to understand, it says they have to retrieve a tube that has Walter’s plan and he knows where to find them: the subway platform beneath Newark Penn’s station. The only problem is that every way in and out of Manhattan has a Observer checkpoint, including subway stations. It seemed impossible to get pass them or near them to take them out until Walter showed the rest of the team a basement that was a cold storage of all the Fringe events they’ve ever investigated. They plan on create Fringe events to make a diversion at the check point which is basically awesome. That was like a wake up call for what was beginning as a boring episode. Well done, Fringe, well done. So, Walter has kept everything from the 4 seasons, even the porcupine man thing, which is kind of gross but I love it. They decide to go through everything and they were going to when Walter finds an old donut. He squeezes it and then he LICKS HIS FINGER. Ok, THAT was hilarious gross.

As the team went through the Fringe cases, the Resistance spy was being questioned and he ended up being unmasked. He tried hard but couldn’t fight the Observer’s reading. When the Observer mentioned “The Dove”, though, Broyles seemed intrigued by it and the Observer tells him later that the team is in the Harvard lab and that he knows Broyles knew them. They’ve also heard the name “The Dove” three times which makes me wonder what is it.

Loved, simply loved the scene where Peter and Walter act like the boys they are with that “machine of massive destruction”. Meanwhile Olivia and Etta are watching the check point and, when Etta starts to put her bullet into the new necklace, Olivia asks where did she get that. She explains that she went to their old house and found it in a match box inside her jewelry box. I can’t help but die with feels when Olivia said that Peter called it “the bullet that saved the world” because that episode was just devastating. It is when Broyles sends Etta a message that we discover he is with the Resistance and has learned how to hide his thoughts. Gosh, I love Broyles. They argue as to if they should leave or not and Olivia has the brilliant idea to re-amber the lab and make it seem as if they were never there while Astrid hid somewhere else and the team went away to get their plan working. Meanwhile, Windmark finally thought of the possibility that people may have found a way to fool the mind reading thing since Etta is able to do it. It was kind of obvious since “Letters of Transit”, Windmark, maybe you should have spent less time playing with Simon.

Let’s get something straight: the scene where Walter was stopped at the check point and used that device from season one that closed people’s eyes, mouths, ears, everything that doesn’t have skin covering it in your entire body. Peter and Walter entered the subway station, got the tube and were leaving when some baldies showed up. They were able to take them down, obviously, and so were Olivia and Etta outside. Family Badass got into the car and went away, but not before some guy jumped into them, putting a tracking device in the car without them realising it.

Broyles has a picture of Peter and Olivia. I still can’t get over this and the feels it gives me. Anyway, Family Badass stop the car in the middle of nowhere and read the plan that was in the tube but it’s just a bunch of physics that make no sense. Then Broyles arrive and it was beautiful to see their reencounter with the team. They were no longer co-workers, they’re like family now. They didn’t know about him earlier because he feared they could be read. It took him a year to learn how to not be read, after all. Meanwhile one of Windmark’s men finds the tracking device and tells him. When Broyles was giving the teams all kind of weapons, including anti-matter ones, an Observer shows up but Broyles took car of that very quickly. The team runs away and Broyles runs the other way with the plan. All was relatively well until Windmark appears out of nowhere pointing towards the direction the team went. I think he also saw Broyles, what sucks.

Badass family goes into some old storage building and that’s when they were screwed since the Loyalists trapped them inside. Loyalists and Observers go into the storage building to capture them and they end up splitting up. Peter and Olivia go one side and Walter and Etta go the other. Only Etta and Walter also accidentally split up. And then Windmark finds Etta. He punched her, threw her through glass and stoop on her gun. If I could, I’d call him all names now. I surely did as I watched it live. He held Etta’s neck against the wall and omg, what is with you and necklaces? Anyway, he ends up finding out Peter bought it for her out of love and he shoots her. He shoots her. My life has suddenly become so empty… Meanwhile, Peter and Olivia found Walter and heard the shot. Like me, they seemed in shock. Hell, I’m still in shock and I’ve had a weekend to process the information. Windmark leaves and Peter, Olivia and Walter arrive. Their reactions were so sad that I can’t describe them. Give them all Emmys, please. They were crying and I was crying and everyone was crying as Etta asked them to leave her there for the sake of the world. She then triggered the anti-matter device and they end up having to leave. Even in her death she is brave.

Windmark and the Observers go back to the storage building see if the team had come back for Etta and the anti-matter device goes off. When I thought I’d get rid of Windmark, there he was, outside the building, just watching. I hate you so much. I hope you burn and die someday. Peter, Olivia and Walter were also watching and their reactions showed some aspects of their personalities. Walter, who once crossed an universe because he couldn’t let go of his dead son, now is the one telling them it’s time to go. Olivia stays a little more but realises they have to go. Peter, in the other hand, is just as his father was in the past and as he was when Etta first went missing: he just can’t let go, he can’t leave and the episode ends with him looking at the scene to show us that.

After I got past the denial phase and realised Etta was gone for good, I rewatched next episode’s promo and realised what I said in the paragraph above. And then I realised I wasn’t able to think about it much or I’d start to get emotional and I stopped thinking about it. I just know one thing: Some people have been saying that they a reboot or something like that will happen. I say no to that! We already had one in season four, let the characters grow with this. It’s painful for them and it’ll be painful for me to watch them suffer but it wouldn’t be good if they rebooted the show again. Also, the glyphs formed the word wound what could mean that losing Etta is a wound they’ll have to heal meaning no reboot. So, to end, it was hard to recap this episode so I’m sorry if it’s not good and see you next week, Fringies.