Hey Fringies, how did you manage to survive the week we had to wait for episode tw (which was awesome and gave me a lot of feelings — but fortunately I didn’t cry). One thing is sure: I guess we won’t be seeing much more of Simon and Etta scenes now.

The episode started once again with a dream about the Invasion, only this time by Olivia’s point of view. I hope I don’t ever lose a child. Like ever. It must be the most awful thing that could happen to someone. When Olivia wakes up, Peter was there to calm her. Seriously, if Peter and Olivia could live happily like in the dream, I’d thank the universe because they deserve it after all they’ve been through.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Walter is making no sense thanks to the thought unifier. We even learned that somewhere in the past Walter could speak both swedish and portuguese. So they decide to go to Harvard because it’s most likely that Walter has documented the plan and left it there. Only it was taken over by Observers, which sucks. Fortunately there are steam tunnels they can use to enter the lab like Walter and William Bell used to do — sometimes in speedos. Can someone write a fanfiction for that, please?

The team finally makes it to the lab but there’s a problem: it’s almost all ambered. Seeing the amber’s point of origin, Walter deduces he didn’t write the plan down, he filmed it. When he comes to that conclusion though an unexpected guest arrives: a loyalist. They discover who he is and even though someone could come looking for him, they decide to stay and built a laser so that Walter can take the camera off the amber. All is fine until Peter and Olivia find out there’s no power anymore meaning they’d have to go to the substation that’s in the science building but they don’t know anything about Harvard anymore. Gale Manfretti, the loyalist, does, though, and Etta tries to get the answer off him.

And with that I’m freaked out by one more of the huge list of things Fringe can create to freak me out. The torture device Etta used on Manfretti makes you age by storming up and destabilizing all the atoms in your body like Olivia found out when she went to Walter’s office to get something for him. She was, like me and the rest of the viewers, horrified by it. I mean, the device can steal even 30 years of a person’s life! Etta acted like Gale deserved it, though and when Olivia confronted her about it, she answered with: “This is war. And we’re losing.”

Being called by Walter, Etta leaves the room. Turns out he wanted to melt her necklace’s chain for the laser. She gives it to him and gah, so many mixed feelings about my baby girl. Meanwhile Olivia begins talking to Manfretti to try to make him answer Etta so he wouldn’t get worse and he accepts it with one condition: he’d answer Etta if Olivia told his son not to look for him. And gosh, I know he’s supposed to be the villan, but I felt truly sorry for him in that moment. Then Etta comes in the room to torture Manfretti a little more like it’s no big deal when he tells her all she needed to get into the science building: an access code and, well, his eye. Also, there are experiments made there, all kind of experiments…

Olivia gets out to ask about ocular scanners and Peter can see all over her face something is wrong. I love the way they know each other so well that even the slightest change in her expression is enough for Peter to know she’s upset about something. Anyway, Walter is also horrified by the Angel Device and we find out that the Loyalists created it, not the Resistance. Then, Walter looks into Manfretti’s eye and for one moment I thought he was going to pull his eye out but — thank God he didn’t, he just needed to exam it to recreate the pattern of his iris on a pig’s eye.

Meanwhile Olivia is recreating Manfretti’s tatoo on Peter. Now, besides from being a total badass, she’s also an artist with major skills. Poor Olivia, though, the fact that her daughter had to torture someone really got to her. When she’s finished with Peter, she does another tatoo, this time on Etta’s face, and they have a heart to heart. I love how they’re bonding now and I request more Olivietta moments, please.

Peter and Etta go to the science building and Olivia stays with Manfretti in Walter’s office, where he tells her what made him join the Loyalists: the Resistance blew up a bus full of Observers and his oldest son died during the event. Once again I felt sorry for him. Damn you, Fringe. Meanwhile Etta and Peter reach the science building but the security guys don’t let them go through the door yet ’cause that’s not Manfretti’s sector. Being confronted on the radio about it, Manfretti comes up with a lie and Peter and Etta can move forward. The science building turned into the most creepy building in history of creepy buildings. And I was thinking about that when Etta saw Simon’s freaking head ripped out of his body and he blinked. What is that?! Oh my God, I think that’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. That and the woman from 4.21 and 4.22 that they kind of brought back to life scared the hell out of me.

Poor Etta was so horrified by it that she wanted to start shooting people but Peter managed to calm her down. Meanwhile Manfretti is being really discouraging, saying the Resistance can’t win. Then, Peter and Etta manage to get the power back on and go back. Olivia sees something’s happened and goes to talk to Etta, who’s planning on taking Manfretti to the Resistance but no Loyalist that gets captured ever goes back. Olivia and Etta argue about it and in the end Olivia just says she had hoped Etta wouldn’t be hardened by what happened to her. Even after all Olivia’s said, she still decides to take him. And so she does. But they stop a few miles from town and Etta asks him if he really has a son, receiving no as an answer. In the end he did what she told Olivia he was doing: he was trying to make Olivia convince Etta to let him go. And, after all of that, that’s what Etta does. Manfretti says he’ll fight for the Resistance because of something he saw in Olivia’s eyes that made him believe they can win and Etta responds saying that she’s leaving him alive because of something she saw in her mother’s eyes too: pity for all of them. Even when Olivia doesn’t realize it, she inspires people. Feels, man, feels.

Meanwhile at the lab, the team is finally able to get the camera out of the amber and the tape out of the camera. The tape says Walter has divided the plan into several tapes that the person who is watching the video has to find. In a small break to repair a part of the tape, Etta calls Olivia to show her that she let Manfretti live and that she’s coming back. That seems to get Olivia happy, what made me happy and made my love for Etta grow a little more. I mean, in all of her hate for what the Observers did to Simon, she still could let Manfretti go. Then we hear the rest of Walter’s tape and he didn’t give us the location of the first tape because that would obviously be too easy. The end – of the episode.

What an episode, right? Can’t wait for next Friday, especially with the next episode’s promo. The glyphs formed the word faith which I think the meaning is pretty obvious. Well, see you next week, Fringies.