It’s Hallow’s Eve…and while the kids (and the young adults) are outside, dressed up, with buckets and pillow cases, we couch potatoes will be indoors watching some of our favorite Halloween television specials. And what happens during those specials?

Our favorite characters dress up, as well. And some of those costumes have stayed embedded in our minds years later. Here’s just five of our favorites, in no particular order:

Ross Gellar’s Spudnik, Friends

Ross dressed up as doody… well, according to Joey anyway. In season 8, after Monica and Chandler are married and the season of Rachel’s pregnancy and Ross was dating Mona, he entered the annual Halloween party on Friends dressed up ast “that Russian satellite sputnik.” See, he’s a potato, or a spud, and he has antennas, so… he’s spudnik. There are plenty of reasons we love this costume — the idea that Mona loved it, too, is a plus — but the funniest part of it is when Chandler (dressed as a pink bunny) and Ross go mano-a-mano in an arm wrestle, proving Ross victorious (not really, Chandler tossed it), and winning Mona over… dressed as a potato. Classic Friends. Also, we have to give a quick shoutout to Joey going as Chandler.

Oz’s God, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While his costume might have not been the flashiest costume to ever grace our screens, Oz’s simple “Hello, My Name is God” name tag is likely one of the most clever. Aware of previous Halloween shenanigans that resulted in his friends transforming into the people they were dressed as, Oz, in his typical cool and easy manner, prepared for this potential scenario. If he were going to be something, might as well go big. Of course this is Sunnydale, where nothing good ever happens and all plans go awry, so instead of turning into an all-powerful being, he and the rest of the Scooby Gang were subjected to a new set of holiday tomfoolery, leaving Oz as nothing more than teenager with a sticker and a werewolf complex. We still think his genius idea and its uncomplicated execution deserve a mention, and one has to wonder — what would a world under the rule of a godlike Oz entail? Our guess is less chatter, lots of meaningful nods, and no full moons.

Britta Perry’s Dragon Turtle, Community

While many girls use Halloween as an excuse to dress provocatively, we can count on Britta Perry to keep it real. Her love of non-gendered costumes is admirable and, while her squirrel costume first season was adorable, it was her ability to Britta any situation that made her attempted dinosaur costume in the second season memorable. Britta and the rest of the study group may not be able to remember anything from that night, but we won’t forget her dragon-turtle get up and will wonder what she had planned for this year. (P.S. #sixseasonsandamovie)

Leslie Knope’s Rosie the Riveter, Parks & Recreation

Leslie stays true to herself with this simple but iconic Rosie the Riveter costume from last week’s episode. Put together with a simple denim jumpsuit and a red topknot, she brings to life the symbol representing the strong women of WWII. Nothing could be a more perfect costume for the councilwoman who has a shrine dedicated to powerful women and has herself become the feminist hero of television.

Naomi’s Slutty Pumpkin, How I Met Your Mother

One of the most anticipated running gags on How I Met Your Mother is the infamous Slutty Pumpkin. Ted saw her one year and has continued to dress as the Hanging Chad every year since in case he runs into her once again. Well, he did. And she happened to be Katie Holmes. When we finally met Naomi, AKA Slutty Pumpkin, she might have been best realized in our imaginations — something the writers used to their advantage as Ted and Naomi made quite the awkward couple. We like it that way. And we’re still en route to The Mother… who is not Katie Holmes.

All right, those are just a few of our favorite costumes. There are plenty more, and we’re sure you’ve got some as well. Which TV costumes have stayed in your mind over the years?