It must be sooo hard to have to choose between two hot men, poor Zoe! No seriously…George vs. Wade is a tough choice.

Both have great qualities. I won’t pick a “ship” because shipper politics are just not my thing, but I will tell you what I think could be good for Zoe.

First of all, girlfriend needs to unwind. Hot sex with Wade? I don’t see a downside in that arrangement! Granted he’s the town Casanova, but Zoe needs to experience a little “friends with benefits” action.

Then we’ve got the golden boy George. I completely agree that Zoe should not be with a guy who just got out of a 15-year relationship and broke off his marriage. While it was amazing, he can’t just say “Zoe you have to be with me because I cancelled my wedding for you.”

George had to end his wedding for George. Whether Zoe factored into that is one thing, but ultimately George really had to make this decision for himself. He has to find himself. He also has to be delicate towards Lemon’s feelings. They had a really long relationship and she’s in a hard place now too. On another note, I actually like Lemon more than ever this season!

Back to Zoe, she is stuck. Both of these guys are hot bachelors and she can’t keep juggling them the way she has. Hello did you see them up there at Bluebellapalooza performing an Allman Brothers cover? Town bachelors.

Speaking of romantic entanglements, Lavon has his hands full with Ruby. Even though she’s been a cool friend for Zoe, I never thought her intentions with Lavon were as calm and cool as she portrayed. Alas, she revealed her true self. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by her first love.

The mayoral race is going to heat things up in Bluebell! Perhaps even more than Zoe’s love life! What do you think of Hart of Dixie season 2 so far? Hit the comments!