The season premiere of Hart of Dixie picked up right where we left off: next to Wade’s washboard abs.

As Lavon put it, Zoe went from no guys to 2 guys in one night. Girl got game! After an amazingly awkward encounter with George in the kitchen, that could’ve been horrible but was actually hilarious, Zoe had a decision to make.

Good thing she finally made a new girlfriend, Ruby, even if Lavon has some serious history with the newcomer. Then again, so does Lemon. Interesting, I wonder if Ruby and Lemon know they have both slept with the same man? Things will really heat up if that comes into play!

Zoe’s romantic entanglements combined with Lemon’s imminent breakdown made for a really great welcome back episode.

First things first, George’s “choose me” speech was soooo Grey’s Anatomy “choose me, pick me, love me” but I loved it anyway. I don’t “ship” either way and am a huge fan of both actors. Ultimately Zoe made the right choice, the same one Kelly Taylor made back in the day on 90210, herself. Getting with a guy the day after he got out of a 15-year relationship would be a disaster.

It’s funny that Zoe actually came to her conclusion not through the help of a girlfriend but through the help of her enemy. Last season, Lemon was uptight and bitchy and not really in a fun way. Tuesday night, I found her endearing. She had some great lines and I see a lot of potential growth for her character.

All in all, a great premiere. Can’t wait to see more! How about you?