Well, that was boring. I was so excited after last week’s premiere, so of course they barely focused on the most interesting parts of the previous week. We barely got to see MM, Emma and our two Disney princesses this week. I get why they did it, and they tried to make the short screen time they had interesting as MM and Emma are now stuck with Regina’s mother.  But honestly, who wasn’t expecting Regina’s mother to show up somewhere at the end? The episode felt more like filler and with so many potentially fascinating stories and new characters that are supposed to show up, did we really need another Regina back story episode? Did we really need Charming straining his pretty little mind to try to come up with a plan that ultimately added up to keep calm and carry on?

Regina’s flashback told us a bunch of things we already knew about her, but we did find out that she banished her mother with Rumplestiltskin’s help and was presumably going to be tutored by him. I didn’t find Regina all that sympathetic last season but now they’re really trying to make me feel sorry for her. However, all the terrible things she’s done over the years cancel out that scared, innocent Regina. I know this is a fairy tale and they are always more screwed up than they seem, but stuff like locking Belle in a dungeon if she had further use for her or forcing Graham to sleep with her isn’t okay.  I don’t want a redemption storyline with her; I wouldn’t believe it and there’s not a better villain around. On a shallow note her outfits, especially her riding wear, were fantastic.

Obviously all of Regina’s sneaky, underhanded ways are nature not nurture though. Henry is terrible at stealth, and I expected Regina to be waiting for him outside with one raised eyebrow, because seriously? Instead, branches had to shoot out and violently grab him, and with her coercing him to go with her in the first place, it was pretty disgusting. And I did like the scene where she told Henry she loved him and didn’t want to force him to do anything. It was a great parallel between her and her mother but it wasn’t enough.

What I did love in this episode were the little plots and interactions between the town.  I loved Ruby quietly taking a leadership role, backing Charming and trying to keep everything in control. More of her, always. I was glad someone started looking for beautiful Eion Bailey who I would definitely welcome on the show again because he is beautiful. I love Sebastian Stan showing up and talking and being crazy as he is so good at it. This feels like Lost, where sometimes one character’s episode would fall flat or the story would get too convoluted, but there was always little moments between the characters that made me hold on.  My favorite scene was the seven dwarves going to look for fairy dust to revive Sneezy.  It was like the C plot, but that little moment was way more inspiring than David’s speech. Even if Sneezy did want to sacrifice a poor turtle.  Also, Dr. Whale wants to know if the nuns are still nuns or if they can date. Is hitting on magic fairies better than nuns? Oh, and he doesn’t want them to know it was him asking. I cannot deal with him being so adorable and looking so like Mr. Sark in his nice, non doctor clothes.

The Rumpelstiltskin stuff made no sense to me. What was he trying to do? I tend to relate everything he does to Belle or his son because I guess I like him all vulnerable and emotional instead of gold and lizardy. So I thought he either wanted to find his son or take Belle and run away where they could be happy and he wouldn’t disappoint her.  Anyway, I didn’t really care because I didn’t get his motives. Sometimes being in the dark is good but sometimes it’s too confusing and I hate build up because I don’t trust the show to follow through.

Also, David was around and he tried. He mentioned that Snow was the talker and he was fighter, but isn’t Snow a better fighter too? I mean, she didn’t do her best this episode, but Charming seems like his skills are mostly luck, so I’d pick Snow to fight too.

What did you think of this week’s episode? I’m looking forward to next week because I’m excited to get to know the Others. Lancelot is a lot better than Ana Lucia.