Hello Liars, how have you been since Pretty Little Liars went on hiatus? Anxious for its return? I know I was. And I was so right to be anxious ’cause this episode was epic. Like, really epic. But then again if there’s one thing this show know how to do is a Halloween episode. Plus, Adam Lambert was in it and that alone earns PLL some points. Before we start, I’d just like to say that Toby being part of the A Team was very traumatic for me since Spoby equals OTP but I strongly affirm that he’s only infiltrating there to get answers on his own like he told Spencer he’d do. And by the way, I switched to my old style again, I just like it more.

The episode started with Mona being creepy and making art for Halloween but there was nothing relevant in that scene besides that she gives Toby A some pills and bullets. Then we have the girls discussing about costumes and their dramas. Emily is still kind of shaken after everything and Hanna is having to keep her relationship with Caleb – thank God he’s alive, last episode was the first time PLL made me cry even if it was just a little – a secret. All was fine until they say a coffin that said RIP Alison DiLaurentis and a bunch of RIP plaques in someone’s yard and went there to do something about it and the guy who lives there jumped out of the coffin dressed up as Alison to scare them. I admit, I jumped a little and even though I agree with the girls that that was an awful thing to do, I laughed after.

When Spencer gets home Garrett is there ready to tell everything when Toby arrives and God, the look on his face when he hugs Spencer. Even though I have my theory, I just can’t see him the same as before and I won’t be able to until all is explained. Hanna and Caleb make out a little at the dentist’s storage and I love it because Haleb equals other OTP. Aria is at Ezra’s home and when he gets there, he says he won’t be able to go to the Halloween train party or whatever its name is because of reasons. Just kidding, he had an reunion.

Suddenly is night and the train party is about to begin. Hanna arrives looking gorgeous in her Marilyn Monroe costume and meets Aria who was also looking gorgeous in her Daisy Buchannan costume. Then Noel shows up with Jenna being all cocky and kissing her. Remember when he was Aria’s love interest? I shipped them. It’s like I ship everyone with Aria more than I ship her with Ezra. They see a person with the same costume A wore last halloween episode and freak out a little but then Spencer arrives in a classy blue vintage dress matching Toby and there are whipers and it was hot. Noel then pretends to choke but it was only a joke. Once again I laughed. Emily and Paige arrived seconds later. Emily is kind of something from space that I don’t recognize and Paige is in a classy suit. Then Jason arrived and made my day because he’s simply the best thing in PLL ever along with Caleb’s hair.

As everybody went into the train, Ted and Ashley were giving candy to children. Back to the train, Adam Lambert made a performance and it was fantastic. At the asylum, a dumb nurse was being fooled by Mona who put her “Halloween art” in her place to pretend that she was sleeping. Back to the party, more Adam Lambert and some creep “hit on Hanna”. Toby was getting a drink at the bar when Jenna asked for a drink but he was just mean to her. Then Spencer went to the bar too and ran into Jason. They talk about Garrett and he leaves way too soon. Come back, Jason, for real this time! More Adam Lambert who looks super cute with fangs by the way.

At Ashley’s, an extremely creepy girl showed up wanting to call her mom. Please note that this is the same girl as the one in Alison’s flashback. At the train, turns out that the creep was Caleb. He’s too precious for words. While Hanna and Caleb made out, Aria had an conversation with Adam Lambert ’cause she’s that lucky. But then A put something in her drink so I guess she’s not that lucky. Meanwhile Emily and Paige were talking about their relationship and all I could think about is how I miss Maya, even when they made out with someone watching. In another hall, Spencer was grabbed by the person with the costume from the other Halloween episode but it was only Garrett. He explained that he didn’t kill Alison that night but Jenna thought he did. He also said that he saw Aria’s dad with Ali that night after him and Jenna met her. Then Spencer went away to find Aria and omg, why couldn’t Garrett just go with her? I knew something wouldn’t work.

Spencer went to Hanna to help her find Aria and they find her purse. Her phone rings and it’s an A message: “Guess who won’t make it to the end of the line? – A”. They freak, obviously and it is shown that Aria is in a wooden box, kind of like a closet. The girls looked and looked but couldn’t find Aria. Speaking of her, she managed to knock the box she was in to the floor. Hanna grabbed Caleb to explain what was happening but it wasn’t Caleb, it was someone with the same costume and a mask of Ali’s face. Ok… Anyway, back at Ashley’s, the creepy girl disappeared but when Ashley looked in Hanna’s bedroom, she was there. She talked about her sister making her mom hate her and stuff and I can’t help but think about the Courtney theory. It fits. Ashley and the girl talk and she is way too cold so Ashley calls Ted but when he goes there, there’s no one in Hanna’s bedroom.

At the party, Spencer found Garrett’s mask and was choked by A. He managed to fight a little but in the end she was saved by Paige. Then we move back to Aria who was able to take the duct tape off her mouth. I’m not sure it was for the best though ’cause when she moved to the side, Garrett was there, looking very dead. She freaked out what was very plausible and began trying to rip the duct tape off her hands. She also hears a voice, a male voice. Meanwhile Emily told Paige everything about A and the girls went on searching for her. They reached a locked door which was taken care of very quickly by Hanna when they found Aria’s necklace on the floor. At the box Aria is basically being pushed off the train but there are apparently two people doing it – a guy and a girl – and one of them was insecure or didn’t want to do it, what was basically what saved Aria’s life. Aria finally manages to get her hands free and stabs one of the people pushing her with a tool she found in the box. Holy PLL, that scene was intense. Then the girls found Aria and hugged her and stuff. Man, poor Aria, if I was locked up in a small box with a dead guy I’d probably die too.

At Ashley’s, her and Ted can’t find the girl anywhere and Ashley considers the possibility of her being a ghost. Back to the party, the police ended up there and Toby conforts Spencer. Then Aria came back with her talk to the police with bandages on her wrist and I got a little nervous ’cause any wound in them freaks me out a bit so I didn’t pay much attention to the next scene but the girls basically figured out that A wanted Garrett out of jail so she/he could kill him. Then Ezra arrives what is very suspicious. Shipping preferences aside, he is a very shady character. My friends always mock me when I say Ezra is on the A team but whatever, I’ll stick with this theory until the end. Anyway, back to the show, Noel was just an ass in this scene, acting as if it was the girls’ fault that everything happened. When Toby felt like it was enough, he started a fight with Noel and pushed him into the bar. All the ice fell out of it, revealing a bag, a funeral director bag. The episode ends with Mona at the asylum with the mask of Ali’s face under her bad and Alison’s hand trying to crawl out of the ground in a flashback.

Wow, what an episode. If PLL was like this every episode it would be so awesome! It is awesome anyway, though. What are your theories? Who do you think is A? Who do you think is in the A Team? Is Alison really dead? Does she have a twin sister or not? What about Toby? Is Jason staying for good? Please let him. tell me your thoughts!

Camila Miranda

Student from Brazil who loves books, TV, movies and the Internet, of course. I also love writing and drawing. My favorite tv shows are Fringe, Friends, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Smash, Glee, Lost, House, The Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars.