Diane: “Imagine how embarrassing it will be if you don’t beat him.”
Will: “Okay, thanks, you can go now.”

And thus starts off our episode. This week, we have a wrongful death suit. Lockhart and Gardner are fighting on behalf of a woman, whose fiancé was tasered dead by police. Rory’s grandfather plays he opposition lawyer. Will’s first day in court brings a $800,000 bid from the police department to close the case, but Will wants to go back for more, hoping to use the fiancé to gain jury’s sympathy further. While this works to a certain extent, he soon gets a curve ball thrown his way when a juror points out that the fiancé wasn’t wearing her engagement ring the day of the riot. Suddenly, she looks suspicious. She (with Will’s guidance) brushes off the question by saying she left it at home so it wouldn’t be stolen or lost.

The truth is of course, as she later confesses, that she broke off the engagement during the protest. Uh-oh. This compromises the entire case, and the $800K plea bargain from the police department might also be off the table. This does not please the treasurer, Clark Hayden, at all, as he was against turning down the $800K deal to begin with.

Kalinda has been absent from L&G so far, off dealing with her troublesome husband. When she finally surfaces – after “5 calls to your cellphone!” as an irritated Will points out – she seems out of sorts. When Will impresses upon her that “this matters”, she promises to do her best.

Next, we see Alicia dealing with Mr. Hayden, who’s trying to get dirt on her fellow employees to see who he can cut. Alicia is reluctant to point him towards anyone in particular. He sympathizes with her struggle, but points out that as they are on the verge of going bankrupt, employee cuts are inevitable. Just as he leaves, in drops Kalinda, who informs Alicia that her new client (who is supposed to come in later that day to finish up paperwork) is none other than her crazy, abusive ex-husband. Kalinda believes that he’s in Chicago in order to get closer to her. When Alicia asks “is he dangerous?”, Kalinda responds: “Maybe. He was dangerous. Now, I don’t know.” Is Kalinda developing a soft-spot for her ex? I guess time will tell!

L&G’s new landlord, Maddie Hayward, opts to turn down a meeting with Diane and requests that Alicia present the lease relief proposal personally to her. But when Alicia shows up to drop off the proposal, Maddie bombards her with many questions about her relationship with Peter, and if she is still “standing by her man.” A confused Alicia gives short answers and leaves the meeting soon after.

And surprise surprise, because she later turns up outside of Peter’s campaign truck, offering to fund his campaign because she “likes his wife.” She asks if she still has to worry about him sleeping with any more prostitutes. He says no, and Eli puts in a helpful “He’s changed! :D”. Maddie says that she doesn’t believe people can change. Peter: “I didn’t either, but then I went to prison.” Oh, Mr. Florrick, you’re a natural politician!

Back in L&G, Alicia informs Nick that due to “overbooking” they cannot take his case. He figures out who got him kicked out, and turns up in Kalinda’s apartment with a gun to welcome her home. The scene is very reminiscent of Kalinda in the first episode, sitting in the chair in front of the door with a gun. Kalinda calmly walks by into another room, sending Nick into a mirror smashing fury. When she sees his bleeding hand, she chastises him (“You’re so stupid”), and helps clean up the blood. And then, this brilliant piece of dialogue follows:

N: “Why do you hurt me?”
K: “Shut up”
N: “I love you, I always will”
K: “Lie back”
*Nick lies back, she climbs on top, they make out*
N: “How was your day, baby?”

These two are amazing. They picked the right actor for Nick. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Also, this is one of the few times we get to see Kalinda vulnerable and actually be a woman conflicted by love and friendship and self-preservation. There’s no doubt that she has feelings for Nick and that he affects her in a way we haven’t seen anyone else do, but does that mean he can worm his way back into her life and her heart? I guess that is one of this season’s questions.

But, back to the case. So, the jurors continue to create trouble for Will by asking seemingly irrelevant questions that bring out information that L&G has apparently “hidden” from the prosecution. Kalinda and Cary (by far the most underused character on this show) try to find the juror responsible for all these pesky questions. But the answer, in fact, lies in a previously unnoticed “orange sticker” on the victim’s backpack that turns out to be a pin instead. The cop in question mistakenly thought of him as a “marked troublemaker” because of the pin and therefore attacked him, ultimately causing his death. This blows the oppositions case, and they settle for a nice $3.5 million. Point 1 to Will Gardner.

The last scenes of the show are of Peter and Alicia joking with Eli in the campaign bus and smiling at each other warmly. I was so excited, I wanted to take pictures of the TV. But then I didn’t because I was afraid of missing any more warm mushy-ness that is so rare and so prized (by me!) on this show. Also, I love Peter and Alicia together. I will never bet against Mr. Big.

Notable moments:

  1. Nick plays with Kalinda under the table as she calmly licks her way down a very creamy ice-cream cone. If you need anything more graphic than that, please watch the episode! It’s a boundary-pushing scene!
  2. Speaking of pushing boundaries, Maddie asks Alicia out to a drink. Alicia, misunderstanding it to be a date invitation, turns her down saying “I’m sorry, but I’m married.” Things get even more awkward when Maddie confesses that she doesn’t have many friends and was just interested in getting to know Alicia better. A embarrassed Mrs. Florrick laughs and says she would be delighted.

*tear* I sense a beginning of a great friendship 😉

And that was that, ladies and gents! Overall, the episode felt a little raw, mostly because there was a lot going on and the case seemed to be brushed under the rug hastily. But Kalinda and Nick were on fire, Will and Peter were charming, and Alicia was… Alicia. B for effort!

Come back next week for more Good Wife, and hopefully more Kalick!
(Yes, I’ve given them a ship name.)

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