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1) Feelings about the new guys, including the pastor? Guesses on what are they up to in that last scene?

Samantha| I was all for the guard who ended up feeding Elena sticking around. He fit the good-looking profile that guys on this show typically need to fulfill.  Perhaps he isn’t gone forever? As for the pastor, well, here’s to hoping this show finally has a bad guy that is universally disliked.  The biggest problem with Vampz is that I end up liking ALL the characters (except for Elena), even the ones who are supposed to be bad!

Aditi| I think that every few episodes someone new comes up in Mystic Falls to try and kill all the Vampires, so in that sense, I’m kind of over this whole angle. I think the characters were far too many, and I can only hope that the pastor got blasted into oblivion to never return (yeah, right lol). But I do think the last scene was dramatic, so points for that. Negative points for not having Elena eat the pastor. That’s gold TV right there, come on!

Jen| Creepy religious types are always fun. I have a feeling they will be back as some kind of super powerful vampire hunters a la Alaric.

Monika| I’m having mixed feelings about the new guys. On one hand, it’s about time we got a new villain since Klaus is pretty much a non-threat and has been hanging around since season two. On the other hand, it was weird for the Pastor to suddenly show up and have all the characters act as though he’s been mentioned before, when he clearly wasn’t. I would have liked him to show up and do a little bit more lurking first before jumping straight into villain mode.

 2) Elena remembers everything about Damon but stands by her choice to be with Stefan

Samantha| It just goes to show that what she told him in the finale was bs to make him feel better about being let down (come on, we’ve all done it).

Aditi| Um… Like Damon said “I’m having a hard time keeping track of all your choices lately, Elena.” because next episode, she’s seen drinking from Damon, which we’ve told can be “erotic” for vampires, so I don’t even know. This whole triangle is so messed up. Elena is so messed up. I ship Damon x Happiness.

Jen| I liked Elena’s reasons for choosing Stefan. He respects her choices. Her feelings for Damon notwithstanding, Damon is selfish and volatile. She picked the steady guy she can trust and depend on. I think confidence in her decision was reinforced by the fact that Matt is alive because Stefan was there, not Damon. It’s good to see the nice guy finish first every once in awhile. That said, I find Stefan and Elena unbearably boring together. I wonder how being a vampire will change her relationships with each of them. Maybe she will be able to relate to Damon more or he will help her with the transition in some way?

Monika| I was a little bit baffled by the love triangle this episode because to me it felt like we took a huge step backwards. I thought the point last season was to even the battlefield more and really give both brothers an equal shot. I thought the show would continue in that vein (HAH veins…vampires…I’ll stop now) this season but this premiere is definitely tipping the scale in Stefan’s favor. Also, I would have felt a lot more sympathetic towards Damon, who is normally my favorite, if he hadn’t acted like a complete dick this episode. Poor girl just found out she died. She doesn’t need someone acting like an angry, butthurt hothead. I can see why she stood by her decision in this episode.

3) Bonnie’s rescue attempt/Grams/spirits taking their anger out on Grams

Samantha| Oh Bonnie, when will you ever learn that you don’t really have that much power? Poor girl.  And poor Grams, though I don’t really understand what happened to her, since she was already dead…

Aditi| I love Kat Graham, so it was nice to see Bonnie become a little more fierce. I think the spirits should be punishing Klaus instead of her, but whatever. Who are the spirits anyway?!

Jen| I was really glad Bonnie’s rescue didn’t work. It would be extremely difficult to take magic in this universe seriously at all if she could just come up with something out of the blue for every situation (more than already). I was shocked that it was Grams who suffered and sad, although it was kind of…eh. Like, it didn’t seem like a natural consequence to Bonnie’s actions, more just bitchy spirits being petty.

Monika| I am totally on the same page as Aditi. I don’t get why the spirits keep punishing Bonnie. The spirits can see that she keeps getting blackmailed and pushed into doing things she doesn’t really want to do.

 4) Klaus and Rebecca officially on the outs!

Samantha| Rebecca’s crush on her brother is a little bit disturbing, I must say.  I think she needs to hang out with other people for a while.

Aditi| Boo! I feel for Rebekah. She does everything for him, even mourns for him, and Klaus can’t even spare her a “Hello sister, how’re you doing?” I hope Klaus shows some character growth and apologizes to Rebekah. I’m getting tired of him treating his family like shit.

Jen| Rebecca destroying the hybrid blood was awesome. Klaus is such a douche, I feel bad for Rebecca.

Monika| I’m curious to see whether this fight is the beginning of writing Rebecca off the show. I know that the writers recognize they’ve struck gold with Claire Holt and her character but I also don’t think there will be any reason for her to stick around after this #Klausisadouche #teamBecksforever

5) On the Klaus note, Klaus and Tyler are back in their bodies and the hybrid-making blood is gone!

Samantha| I’m just glad they got Klaus back into his own body so soon. Joseph Morgan is a fine specimen to look at. Sad he couldn’t finally get with Caroline though (another problem with this show: I ship Caroline with pretty much every male she interacts with).  I know he would have liked that.

Aditi| That Caroline/Klyler make out scene was hot! And Michael Trevino is so good with snarky comedy. Bravo <3 But is it nice to see Joseph Morgan back again. I expect great performances from them both.

Jen| Love Michael Trevino but I didn’t believe him as Klaus at all. I’m glad we’re getting Joseph Morgan back sooner rather than later, although it would have been interesting story-wise if he had kept his real identity a secret. And thank goodness the hybrid storyline is over. Not sure where that leaves Klaus in terms of his purpose in life, though.

Monika| I was kind of annoyed that the body issue was resolved so quickly. I feel like the show presents all these set ups that have so much potential and then they just end the situation before it’s been properly played out. I thought Klaus being in Tyler’s body would be so much more of a big deal than it turned out to be since it was one of the big cliffhangers at the end of season three, but the situation was so easily solved within one episode. That said, I thought Michael Trevino did a GREAT job playing Klaus. Also, I was infinitely relieved that Klaus had the decency to not take full advantage of Caroline in her boyfriend’s body.

6) Elena’s completion of transition/coming to terms with being a vampire by the end of the episode.

Samantha| We all knew it was going to happen.  As much as some of us may want it to happen, Elena can’t DIE for real.  That being said, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of her whining about being a vampire.

Aditi| Eh… I mean, “I told you so” moment till the end because when has any of their plans ever worked out?! Also, did she not  care that Bonnie was potentially going to be killing herself to save her? I feel like the whole Elena/Bonnie friendship has become so one-sided lately 🙁 I thought the scene where she jumped on Damon to keep him from killing Matt was really cool because it showed the kind of vampire she wants to be — using her strength to protect her friends and other “innocents”.

Jen| I honestly couldn’t believe there was ever any question about whether Elena would transition, or that anyone would think it was worth Bonnie pissing off TPTB. Really? You hang out with vampires all the time. You date them. Your best friend is one. But you’d rather die than be one? You’d rather Bonnie risk her life? Kinda racist…or something. Some sadness over what her life could have been is understandable, but yeah, I’m glad we’ve accepted it and can move on. And I’m glad she actually is a vampire and they didn’t convenient-plot-device out of it.

Monika| Obvs, she was gonna become a vampire BUT I feel like I would have loved that moment with the guard to have played out a little bit differently. The tension in that scene stemmed from whether or not she could reach the blood. The tension SHOULD have stemmed from whether she would drink the blood or not. I would have rather seen more hesitation and conflict in her face at that moment since that was the moment that would condemn her to a life of vampirism. But I guess she was too hungry for an existential crisis.

7) Anything else you wanted to comment on?

Samantha| When Tyler got put back into his real body, was he alright? When Bonnie started having her freak out with Grams, he seemed in pain, but then it wasn’t addressed.  He was alright, right?

Aditi| Um… can we just talk about how all over the place the character growth in this series seems? Like, do we need another “big bad”? NO! You have more than enough characters. For fuck’s sake, keep things consistent and work on some character growth and change. I’m tired of everyone going back and forth between the same thing. I know the writers want to keep the Delena/Stelena thing going as long as they can, but they’re sacrificing the characters, and a good story for the sake of fandom battles and cheap, temporary tricks. We don’t need a new “big bad” every episode or even every season. We need well thought out resolutions to current stories that will lead into better stories. TVD could be so much more if they just tried. Also, I thought Jeremy’s line about needing his sister and not another one of them was really dry because dude, way to lay on the guilt. But to be fair, he has been traumatized enough by vampires in the past.

Jen| Um….bring Katherine back?

Monika| In response to Aditi, I think the show has become known for its quick pacing so they feel the pressure to keep the plot rolling by introducing new elements.  I also think the writers are afraid to slow down long enough to let the viewers actually think critically about characterization since that is the weak point of the show. Also, I second the request to bring Katherine back. I got really excited at the beginning of the Damon/Elena memory scene because I saw the two Nina Dobrev’s and thought Katherine was back.

8) Overall grade you would give this episode?

Samantha| B+.  I love this show and I’m so glad it is back in my life.

Aditi| B+ Michael Trevino’s Kyler, Damon’s last scenes, and Bonnie being fierce really pulled this episode up. Minus points for Damon seriously trying to kill Matt, Stefan and Elena actually thinking their far-fetched plans would actually work, and yet another “let’s hunt the vampires!… oh! we’re dead”. Also, how did Elena get out of that cage?!

Jen| I give it a…B. No major complaints, looking forward to the rest of the season.

Monika| I give it a solid B. No major gripes but a little disappointing in a few respects.

Editor’s Note: I promise we won’t cover The Vampire Diaries as much as we have with the premiere episode in the future. But, hey! You’re getting different points of view — that’s ALWAYS fun! —Michael