Hi, everybody! We saw a lot happen this second episode of TVD. Feel free to join in the discussion by leaving comments below!

 1. First off, thoughts on new girl April? It seems that she might actually be sticking around.

Jen| I liked the new girl, I liked how she sucked at grieving, she was cute and seemed interesting. I hope she does stick around!

 Denise| The new girl probably holds some secret to the ambiguity of the Pastor’s plan. She definitely knows something. I hope she doesn’t go berserk when she finds out about all the vampires and goes on a quest to avenge her father and team up with Conner or something. I guess it’s nice to see another human in town. Hopefully she “bonds” with Matt and not Jeremy. I think Matt definitely needs something to do in all this.

 Camila| I like April so she staying is ok with me. I kind of relate to her too because I can never find the right words to say when something like that happens to me.

 Samantha| The whole time I didn’t understand why she was there. There are SO MANY new characters. They are confusing me.

Aditi| She seems okay. I didn’t really see much of her character to make a judgment, but I hope she turns out to be great 🙂 I found her not being able to grieve kind of realistic because it’s such an awkward age as a teen that it makes sense for her not to know how to react to the death of her father that she didn’t really get along with. Also, where is her mother??

 Nicole| like her so far but instead of devoting time to new characters, I want more focus placed on the existing characters. And I don’t just mean Bonnie. (but mostly, lets focus on Bonnie more please?)

Monika| I like her because I think her presence means we will see more of the Pastor and his plan in the future!

2. The triangle continues with lots of Damon/Elena interaction this episode, including the feeding scene.

Jen| The Damon and Elena stuff was hot. It was also true to their characters, you know, Elena and Stefan kind of put each other on a pedestal, she wouldn’t want him to see her struggling. She relies on Damon in a different way than she relies on Stefan. I really liked that Caroline was the one who helped her be strong. Stefan and Damon were both pushing their agendas on her. I think Caroline trusted her in a way that the boys didn’t. Stefan doesn’t trust her to go anywhere near it, Damon just wants to give up on her developing self control at all. IDK, I <3 strong female friendships. And Caroline. It was tense when she wanted to go after April. Good stuff.

Denise| I’m definitely a team Damon girl and LOVED the blood sharing scene ;). It hasn’t really been a love triangle since Stefan returned from being the Ripper so I’m really hopeful that after this episode there will be more Damon and Elena scenes. It was kind of unbelievable she went to Damon for help in her most desperate time of need but I guess that goes to show she still trusts and relies on the guy. I hope to see Damon’s character grow a little more, not too much in that he turns into Stefan, but just enough for him to be stable for Elena.

Camila| Love it. The feeding scene was hot, but that’s not what I loved the most. I loved that Elena turned to him for help because she thought that he wouldn’t judge her, that even though he was hurt by her choosing Stefan over him he helped her and that she can now relate more to him, understand him in a way she didn’t before because she was human.

Samantha| *disclaimer* I just read the books over the summer, so everything that happens in them is fresh in my mind and so much that happens makes so much sense in relation to that, including the feeding thing. That being said, I love Damon so much and just want him to be happy. And naked.  I would prefer that wasn’t with Elena because I kind of hate her, but whatever.

Aditi|I really liked the Damon/Elena scenes because it really showed how close and interdependent they’ve grown. Despite Elena’s proclamations of love for Stefan, it’s curious that she keeps running to Damon to save her. I don’t know if it’s her unconsciously being manipulative or it’s just that he makes her feel safer than Stefan, but it’s not exactly the picture of romantic bliss between Stelena. I can understand why Stefan was mad at Elena for keeping things from him, but DUDE, you put her up on a pedastal, make her feel like she can’t do anything wrong or she might hurt YOU, so she turns to the person she feels can understand her (which is clearly NOT you), and then you cry foul? Stefan comes off as a really manipulative asshole in that convo. She starts crying because of him. That’s some F-ed up shit.

Nicole|Damon has cute moments with Elena, but they don’t ever resonate with me because he’s still such a dick to her and everyone else most of the time. The lantern ceremony showed that everyone lost lots of people and has problems. Sometimes it feels like Damon is right back where he started, but the end with Alaric, more than anything with Elena, is what proved to me that he’s made progress and is worth caring about.

Monika| I liked all the Delena if only because I can’t take one more monologue from Stefan about what a special, perfect, fragile snowflake his girlfriend is. I like Elena! I don’t like Stefan’s version of Elena.

3. Forget Pastor Young, Connor is the new Big Bad! Any guesses on where he is from and what is he up to? And what’s up with those tattoos only Jeremy can see?

Jen| Connor the Vampire Slayer. I don’t know, he just kind of seems like a prick right now. It was kind of awesome how he didn’t hesitate to shoot Tyler. I liked that Tyler took another one for the team at the end. I’m very, very intrigued by the tattoos. I still don’t get why the Pastor blew them all up. Did I miss something?

Denise| Maybe a witch vampire hunter? Maybe a different kind of witch since Bonnie has no idea what those symbols mean? If only Jeremy could see those tattoos…maybe he’s half alive and half dead? A vampire probably killed his witch wife and she used some last minute dark magic to save his life before her death. Now he’s like some living prophecy or some shiz.

 Camila| Ok, we’re supposed to hate him, but he’s so badass I can’t. I know everyone’s saying his plan made no sense but I actually thought it was genius! I mean, besides from stabbing a girl, I loved the plan. Elena wasn’t going to be able to handle the craving if Tyler hadn’t created the distraction. And has anyone noticed that his tattoo is also on Jeremy’s arm on his promotional picture for season 4? Like, what? It seems like a very interesting storyline though and I’m curious.

Samantha| Well clearly he is involved in some sort of dark magic (because every African American on this show is related to withes, remember?), which is why his bullets had those weird markings. And I’m guessing those tattoos relate to the dark magic’s connection to the dead, which is why only Jeremy can see them.

Aditi| He’s probably a witch and the tattoo can probably only be seen by his “true apprentice”. That’s my theory.

Nicole|I’m just going with the odds here, but he is clearly either a witch or related to Bonnie. Maybe both. I mean, isn’t that primarily what people of color on this show are? Either way, I want to like him, but no black character besides Bonnie has survived for more than what, four or five episodes? The reason I kind of like him is because, if there isn’t something we’re not aware of, he was willing to let an innocent person die to get the vampires. This makes his charcater more intersting to me, even if  he can make an argument that it’s for the greater good. He’s seems just as likely to kill someone as an average vampire, and morally, Stefan probably has the upperhand over him.

Monika| He seems pretty ruthless. I’m interested in his relation to Pastor Young. He didn’t hesitate to steal the Pastor’s letter to his daughter or even stab the Pastor’s daughter. Is there some bad blood there?

4. Is it just me or was Elena unusually interesting this episode? She drank blood, used her powers, showed emotion, threw up a lot of blood…

Jen| Yeah, Elena is already 10x more interesting as a vampire. All the throwing up blood was gross but kind of morbidly awesome. And her breakdown/speech about how her life has felt like a series of funerals? Actually really moving.

 Denise| FINALLY. It was nice seeing Elena mess up for once. It was still annoying how Stefan would say she’s too fragile to handle the thought of killing someone for blood but then he goes to say how strong she is and how she can handle this and that. Elena’s a vampire now and I’d really love to see her fight her own battles. I feel like near the end she was so frustrated and angry about all of the deaths that it might be foreshadowing a possible derail? Maybe she’ll turn off the switch?! I’m hoping for that episode. I love seeing Nina evil (hence my love for Katherine) and not her usual self-righteous blah. When Elena was starving for blood at the church, it was just SO obvious she would be feeding on Matt and that he would be okay with it. The question is…why didn’t he offer earlier? Or even Jeremy? Elena can control her killing instinct with Matt but not with April or whoever? I really don’t understand this. Loved the Caroline and Elena scene as well. Caroline’s character has actually grown so, so much and she was actually comparing April to Elena when they were both human to help her. Very good!


Camila| I thought so too. Unlike everyone else, I don’t think Elena is completely boring but she was much more interesting this episode. I think vampire Elena is being handled very well and I can only thank the writers for that. I loved how she realized something was wrong and actually searched for help instead of believing everything would be ok as she usually does. Caroline helping her with compulsion was also awesome, I hope that they grow even closer now. The throwing up blood was disgusting though.

 Samantha| I still found Elena to be extremely obnoxious, even as a vampire. I mean, when they were in the church and she was almost passed out from lack of feeding but she STILL had to be the one to get up in front of everyone and make a speech. Because she thinks she is invincible even when she is dying. Idiot.

 Aditi| ) I know, right! Once she was away from the boring “Stefan, we’re perfect!” scenes, she became an actually interesting and dynamic character. More of this please! I also liked her reaching out to April, and trying to use her compulsion to make her feel better.

 Nicole| I actually like Elena though she and a lot of things others do on her behalf annoys me. Her talking with April showed off what I liked about her, but I didn’t really find her interesting overall this week. I guess maybe her suffering could make people feel some empathy, but she didn’t have a lot to do. She was sick, and kinda helpless, and  it was everyone else who had to help her. The only good part was she glamored April at the end, and that was mostly awesome because of Caroline.

Monika| I loved how graphic this episode was! I like when TVD goes there and having Elena all bloody and gross was fun. Also, I asked this question because I was struck by how much I enjoyed Elena this episode and I’m glad to see a lot of opinions on a similar wavelength. As I said earlier, I think Stefan constantly telling the viewer that his girlfriend is the perfectest perfect that ever perfected makes her boring to us but when Elena is actually shown doing stuff, she’s a lot more interesting.

5. The show finally acknowledged the high death rate of characters at the end with the memorial.

Jen| I was fine through the whole memorial…until the end when Damon was talking to Alaric’s grave and I LOST it. OMG ALARIC WHYYYY :'( :'( :'(

Denise| It was a really good recap of how many characters they’ve killed off since the beginning of the show. I love it how they make cameos from time to time (i.e. Alaric at the end). It’s a little weird how forgiving they all are towards each other but I guess they’ve come to accept it when these are the only people they can actually “trust”. I wish Tyler was there though. The show did a good job of finally acknowledging how many people have died and how it’s not just a game so that was nice. I was disappointed when Damon didn’t take part in the lantern festival but he grieved in his own way at Alaric’s grave so it’s all good. Maybe his babysitting speech is foreshadowing something? Hopefully.

Camila| It was a beautiful scene and it brought up all these old memories. The final scene with Damon at Ric’s grave was the one for me, though. I cried and omg, I miss Dalaric (and Ric himself of course) so much!

Samantha| The Damon and Alaric scene was the saddest thing I have seen in a long time. Poor Damon. And I’m really grateful to the actor who plays Alaric for showing up for filming for that one line of his.

Aditi|I feel like they’ve had about four of these vigils everyone time someone dies (and that’s a lot, by now). So, while the lantern vigil was nice, it was really Damon’s talk with Alaric that hit home for me. Is Damon ever not right?! Never.

Nicole| In shows this like this, I like a high death rate. It seems unrealistic if everyone is in danger every week and there are no causalities on the home team. I think the show is able to write deaths in an emotional, realistic way without it becoming over the top. The deaths of Lexi, Grams (the first time) and Alaric are on par with the show’s greatest stuff. Also, the death toll seems reasonable given that the losses take place over three seasons and before the show began in the case of Elena’s parents.

Monika| LOL at Bonnie forgetting to mention her own mother’s death.

6. Anything else you wanted to comment on?

Jen| I liked when Matt got to help Elena by letting her feed, and I could buy that she didn’t lose control because the fact that it was Matt probably grounded her. Damon was not just annoyingly out of control this ep, which is always nice, because he can be really fun and has some very snappy one liners. I’m starting to like Bonnie, so that’s new. Although what I didn’t buy was Vamp Slayer getting the drop on Damon…what?

Denise| I don’t really know about the hunter. He kind of pisses me off. I really want to know what the Pastor’s plan is and how the hunter is going to be integrated into that plot. Maybe the irony with the vampire hunting vampires with vampires again? That was nice when they did it with Alaric. I liked it when the Originals were the target and not really the main cast so hopefully they’ll all find another common enemy this season. Maybe a pack of werewolves? Overall, this episode was PRETTY intense and exciting throughout. Wish it answered at least SOME questions before creating more but I guess that’s the beauty of tvd. Loved the romance, action, and comedy. There were some pretty hot scenes, had some good fights here to there, and Damon had some pretty epic lines. Also, loved the church scene, “don’t look back, it’s a trap”. Love it when they all use their supernatural powers!!! By the way, almost totally forgot about Bonnie. Bonnie’s character has just been….I don’t really know. She’s just there. Instead of giving Matt something to do, they should really give something ELSE for Bonnie to do. Her scenes are way too short and shallow.

Camila| I love how Tyler’s character has grown from the season one douche to this guy who exposes himself to a guy who has killed him before for the safety of his friends. I still don’t get the Pastor’s plan but then again, who does? Absolutely loved the church scene, they finally used their skills and intelligence for something! I’m intrigued by the Jeremy seeing things storyline again and I hope they use it well this time. All the awards to Matt and Damon this episode. Matt for being awesome and saving Elena and Damon for his one liners. I also felt bad for Bonnie even though she almost didn’t appear. At least we got to see her grief for her grams.

Samantha| I still don’t understand why Elena was vomiting blood, but I missed the first five minutes. It just made no sense to me.

Aditi| I loved the Dalaric talk at the end. Really made me choke up 🙁 I think Damon is such a complex character, and it really pleases me when the show at least tries to tap into that. Elena became much less whiny this episode, and I really liked that. I didn’t think Damon deserved that punch, tbh. That was a dick move, Stefan. Connor = Zzzzz for now. I LOVE TYLER. Can we just comment on how bad-ass he was going up there to “take one for the team”? I also really liked his and Caroline’s relationship and their commitment to each other this episode. Especially when she said “for my dad and Tyler’s” at the vigil. That was sweet, and showed just how close they’ve gotten. I can’t imagine Caroline picking Klaus over him now.

Nicole| “You’re not exactly a drop by kind of guy.” OH BONNIE. Loved that scene and how aware Bonnie was of it and how heartbreaking it was that she was there mourning her Grams again, all alone. I don’t like that she gets treated as a plot device, but most of the time I don’t see it as her having no backbone. Even though she gets hurt and even though she gets no thanks, I think Bonnie is just incapable of not helping. She knows she’s only going to get hurt, but it would hurt worse if something happened and she could have prevented it. Is this a witch thing or a Bonnie thing?  I really want to know more about her and witches in general and have since season one because it could be fascinating.

Also, how fucking stupid is it that I got really excited when Bonnie and Damon said two words to each other? I’ll tell you, it wasn’t stupid. The whole reason they did that is because even the tiniest interaction is enough for Bamon fans who will take whatever they can get at this point. I know Damon has declared his love to Elena and he let her drink from him this episode, but Damon asked Bonnie what they were doing there, and I think we all agree that the latter is way more magical (and I’m not even being entirely sarcastic because I am a Bamon fan and I will take whatever I can get).

Monika| It’s already been said but props to Tyler for taking one for the team! I loved the tension of the church scene. Really  reminded me of old-school season 2 TVD. I also kind of liked the lack of Klaus. He’s fun but I think we all needed a break.

7. Grade you would give this episode?

Jen| B+

Denise| I’d give this episode a B+!

Camila| A, best episode in a while.

Samantha| B I didn’t understand anything that was going on, but the Damon/Alaric scene saved it for me.

Aditi| B or B+. This was a MUCH BETTER episode than the season premiere. And I hope this upward trend continues! I want to see A+ episodes, TVD 😉

Nicole| B-

 Monika| A. Elena was interesting, there was lots of blood, and the church scene brought the tension. I couldn’t ask for more.