After last week’s panel, Kiara is still reeling from her appearance in the bottom two.  She tells the girls that she would literally do ANYTHING to win, even kill someone, which is very annoying to Kristen, who is just sick of all of the girls.

Laura is also feeling annoyed, because Leila got to come back into the competition without having to do all the challenges and extra ‘work’ that they had to do. Oh cry me a river, Laura.  During all that extra ‘work’ you were racking up tons of money in your scholarship account that Leila didn’t even have a chance to win.

At the challenge, Bob Marley’s daughter is there with Johnny and they tell the girls that they are going to be wearing Ms. Marley’s designs while posing in the water with some dolphins, which are apparently two of Tyra’s biggest fears. Really, Tyra? I can understand the water but dolphins?! Johnny tells the girls not to be afraid of the dolphins, but really who is afraid of dolphins (besides Tyra, obviously)? Who doesn’t love Flipper?!?

During her shoot, Leila’s dolphin gets spooked and hits her leg very hard.  Everyone has to evacuate to the shore, but Leila is ultimately fine and gets back into the water.  Despite her short-lived injury, it doesn’t stop the girls (mainly Laura and Kristen) from hating on her.  During her turn, Laura accidentally flashed the entire beach, but it happens. And she handled it like a champ.  Leila ends up winning the challenge, even after getting beaten up by the dolphin, and she chooses Kiara to partake in her challenge goodies with her.

While Leila is sorting through her spoils, Kristen and Laura escape up to their room where Kristen bitches about how fake everyone is and how much she hates Leila.  Laura stays silent because she doesn’t want to partake in any drama.  Plus, she knows Leila is her strongest competition and she just needs to stay focused on killing it in her photo shoots.

The next day the girls head out to their shoot, where they are posing as warriors in a waterfall and their photographer is none other than Tyra herself! And Tyra announces that one of the photos is going to be chosen by her personally to hang in her salon! So fancy!

The waterfall is slippery, loud, and dangerous, which makes it hard for the girls to get a good shot, but they still try to pull out their best efforts for Tyra.  Unfortunately for Laura, her best isn’t really that great.  Water really isn’t her friend.  Kristen also struggles. She blames it on the long cape she has to wear with her outfit, but I don’t think Johnny was very surprised at her difficulty.  Lucky for her, Tyra acknowledges her difficult costume and gives her props for not complaining.

At judging Tyra explains further her fear of dolphins, which apparently stems from nightmares where they bonk her.  I wish that made it make more sense, but it really doesn’t.  The judges loved Nastasia and Kiara’s photo and Leila’s picture gets called possibly the best shot of the entire season and she gets a perfect score.  Leila gets best photo, of course, but Kiara’s gets picked to hang in Tyra’s house because Tyra liked it better, I guess. Meanwhile Laura and Kristen got some mixed reviews from the judges and the fans and combining in their poor challenge scores, they end up in the bottom two (but not before a minor confrontation between Kristen and Kiara/Leila in the backroom).  Laura has a much stronger portfolio than Kristen, so fittingly she is the one who gets to stay in the competition while Kristen and her bad attitude are sent packing.

Next week the girls ride horses and Leila cries, and they shoot in the water again and Kiara cries.  Yay crying!