This episode starts off with a flashback by each girl, remembering some of the critiques they have taken so far while they each explain just how much they want to win this competition. These girls have just come so far, haven’t they?

When they get back to the house, Leila and Kiara share the Tyra Suite while Laura calls her mom to cry about how tough and stressful the competition is becoming.  However, she doesn’t seem too brokenhearted that her bestie Kristen is gone.

The next day the girls go to their challenge at a horse stable, which puts Laura right in her element, since she had ‘acres’ growing up and she just loves horses. (Later, she takes the time to explain that she hasn’t just been cruising along on her parents’ money and has been working since she was 14. Sweetie, compared to some of the ‘hard knocks’ stories on this show you’ve been through NOTHING.  Take a seat.)

For the challenge, the girls have to make their own advertisement, script and all, for Jamaican tourism. They shoot their commercial while riding a horse on the beach. Laura, who thought her experience and love for horses would make it easy for her, struggled a bit on her first take but nailed the second.  And Leila, who had a tough time with the animal last episode, completely freaked out while she was trying to shoot her ad. She had an emotional breakdown when her horse started clomping along the sand until Rob reminded her to just pull on the reins to slow the animal down, but she too was able to pull it together for the second take. Kiara also couldn’t get it right until her second take, but unfortunately Nastasia botched both of her attempts.

In the end it came down to Laura and Kiara, with Kiara winning the challenge and becoming the face of a worldwide campaign advertising for Jamaica. Nastasia and Leila both get the lowest scores and when the return to the house Nastasia is stressing out about her poor performance.  She knows she needs to pull out an amazing picture at the photo shoot in order to remain safe in the competition.

At the photo shoot the girls are doing a real advertisement for a real client, so the stakes are high.  They are shooting for the Dream Come True fragrance and the best photo will be used as the face of the product.

Nastasia was alright and Leila was super nervous when she started her shoot, so it took a while for her to get into the groove.  Before her shoot, Kiara has a breakdown over how much she wants to win and how tough her childhood was.  Laura was a bit offended the Kiara implied that she didn’t deserve it because she was rich growing up.  Girl, you’ve had an easy life. Own it. Too bad she couldn’t own her photo shoot.  She took good pictures, but they were a bit too ‘Sports Illustrated’ for the client’s tastes.

At judging, Leila photo was a bit too sexy for Kelly even though Rob and Tyra loved it.  Kelly also didn’t love Kiara’s photo, even though Rob and the fan’s had a good reaction.  When it came to Nastasia, Kelly actually DID like it, while everyone else wasn’t as into it.  Kelly is just always the odd one out this week, except for when it comes to Laura, who didn’t get great reviews from anyone.  Kiara is chosen as the best photo winner (she really is surging late in the competition, isn’t she?) and in a bit of a surprising twist, Laura, who just a few weeks ago was owning the competition, ends up in the bottom two with Nastasia.  However, she still has enough strength to see her through to the final and Nastasia is sent home (but only because of a 0.3 point difference).

Next week we have a 2-hour full night finale event!! Break out the popcorn!