Ok, first of all I wanted to apologize for not recapping Fringe last week. It was a crazy week. To have an idea, I could only watch last week’s episode last Wednesday. Four days ago. There was no point in making a recap then. But let’s talk about last episode! What an episode, right? To be honest, I have no idea how they’re gonna work out the Peter situation (I’ll talk about it later). Let’s begin!

Speaking of Peter, the episode started with him being super creepy and Observer-y. Seeing the future and preventing events are now his thing since he prevented one baldie from meeting with another one. Then he called Anil for help. With what, Peter? You can see the freaking future. Back to the lab, apparently he was supposed to get neon hellion from someone and took longer than expected. He and Walter go in and he doesn’t even let Astrid have breakfast before working, lol. I bet for a while after joining the Fringe Team, in the first season, she was all like “I did not sign up for this”. Olivia confronts Peter about leaving without her and not sleeping and he says he’s fine but wow, he doesn’t even sleep anymore. Then some Loyalists show up just to scare them and leave.

They retrieved the fifth tape and in it Walter said they had to get two beacons he and Belly had hidden in his storage twenty one years ago. The storage could only be opened with Belly’s hand and that’s why Walter took it from the amber in “Letters of Transit”. The thing is, Belly betrayed them back then. It was all set and done, Peter came to Walter when he called and Olivia was at the Grand Central Station. But the Observers came because of Belly and Walter had to amberize them. So it’s only reasonable that they don’t know if Belly had really kept the beacons in his storage. But they had to try. Only when they get to the building, the entrance to the underground storage is under debris. Peter sees with his new blue vision thingy where the doors would be but he’s ear starts to bleed. After some examining, he says everything is fine but Walter will exam him at the lab.

Astrid suggests anti-mater but it would consume everything. Olivia suggests they move it but it would draw too much attention to them. Walter suggests changing the molecular structure of the debris to go through it and for that they need Nina Sharp. They split up. Peter goes to meet with Anil since he called him telling that his plan to switch the brief cases of an Observer at the park went wrong. The other three go meet Nina. Not before Peter confronts Olivia about being worried with him. Ugh, I can’t with how painful it is to watch Peter like this.

Nina receives a letter from Olivia and meet them at a bridge, I think. She cries when she talks to Olivia, you guys! Seems like in the three years we didn’t get to see the family not only got closer with Broyles but they also became closer with Nina. She says she wanted to comfort Olivia and Peter when she heard about Etta but she couldn’t risk compromising their safety. Then they talk about the tech they need and Nina does have something that turns solid into gas. Walter and Nina meet again and they talk about her telling Etta and Simon how to reimplant the pieces of his brain. Walter isn’t mad but worried about the man he could become, the old him. But now he has Peter and he won’t let that happen. Then this scientist from her work appears and she tells him to get Walter anything he wants.

Meanwhile, Peter and Anil are talking about the Observer, Royce, and it seems like he was supposed to be distracted with a girl and leave the briefcase so that Anil could switch them but he didn’t. Not a problem, he’s going to the restaurant and Peter has already a plan B. He tells Anil to wait at an adress at 6:17 pm and goes after Royce but something happens with him at the car he stole (?). It was creepy and once again I’m afraid for Peter. He goes to the restaurant, has a little chat with the attendant and waits. When the time is right and the attendant is on the phone, he gets up and asks for his briefcase. Only it’s Royce’s.

At the van, Astrid and Olivia talk about how things are with her and Peter. She’s worried that she’ll lose him again. This hurts so let’s leave it like this ok? Then the scientist guy, Hastings explain to them how the device works. Nina and Walter are a little distant from them and she says she thinks love is not enough to save him since she loved Bell and he left her anyway. Walter then goes down the cruel road by telling her he never loved her, he never loved anyone but himself. For God’s sake this is not ok, Walter, she’s almost crying! And she tells him that, saying that now she saw the man he was before in him. Peter’s love will save him, he’s sure. She’s not.

Anil then watches Peter’s plan be set into action. The baldies meet and when Royce opens his briefcase… bam, it’s the pilot’s gross faces all over again. They prepare everything and Peter arrives saying that Anil couldn’t show up at their meeting. Olivia isn’t convinced but there’s no time to think about it since they evaporate the debris and go into the building. They use Belly’s hand to get into the storage and they find his safe. Walter doesn’t seem to remember the code under the girls’ pressure but when Peter tells him to calm down, breath and stuff, he remembers it. The beacons aren’t inside but a weird device is. There’s also a picture of Nina. He didn’t care about her at all, right Walter? Anyway, Peter grabs the device and does something that turns it on, maybe, bringing the beacons – that were buried – up again. When they get out of the building, Olivia tells Peter to be careful since the baldies may be there expecting them like Nina had said they might be but he doesn’t worry. Now I get his plan, he wanted to create a distraction. Good job, Peter. They split in the way back and Olivia seems to suspect Peter’s up to something. Poor baby.

In the way back to Boston, they stop so that Walter could talk to Nina. He says he was wrong, that he loved her and that it wasn’t enough. He says he’s scared and then he asks her to remove those pieces of his brain again. Poor Walter. Moving on, Olivia finally finds out what Peter is up to by going to Etta’s old apartment and finding timelines of Windmark’s top baldies. He tells her that he’s implanted the Observer tech in his head and that he can see the future and prevent events from happening in their advantage like he did today. That obviously scares the sh*t out of Olivia, especially when he says Windmark is next, and she leaves.

Astrid asks Walter if there’s anything she can get him before she goes to sleep. He says there isn’t and she kisses him on the cheek. Then we have one of the most brilliant scenes in the history of Fringe. Walter lays down on chair at the lab, listening to the record he’d put on, clearly thinking about who he was becoming, afraid of who he was becoming while Peter is writing in the timelines, completely focused like nothing else mattered until he pulls a tuft of his hair out of his head. The song in the background and the moving between father, son and Windmark gave me goosebumps.

And that was it, Fringies. A very good episode with a brilliant ending. I can’t wait to see how they’re going to fix the Peter situation but in the mean time I’m totally suffering because of it. I’m not only afraid for Peter but for Olivia and for the two of them together. Ugh, my OTP. The glyphs formed the word trust, which I think is a reference to Peter and Olivia. What do you think? Tell me your thoughts and see you in three weeks (if I’m alive until then)!