Hey Fringies, how devastating yet awesome and badass episode was this? I gotta admit, as much as I loved both the first and second episode of the season, the third and fourth weren’t nearly as awesome as this episode. I guess it’s because it reminded us of the good old days when they solved weird cases. Let’s begin!

God, the first scene already broke my heart. Peter was collecting Etta’s things in her bedroom when he found a secret safe at her wall and there some guns there. “That’s my girl.” He also compared Etta’s picture with Olivia, who was sleeping in her bed. Stop killing me over and over, Fringe.  Then Olivia wakes up and they have the most heartbreaking conversation about the loss of their child and they just hug each other, consoling one another. Olivia goes to the bathroom and finds a picture of Etta (at least I think that was Etta) with a friend there and she keeps it.

Case of the week (oh, how missed saying this): an electric storm (or something like that) was affecting a street of Manhattan when the Observers arrived with a cube that opened a black window in thin air, making it possible for some huge white boxes to pass through the other side of the window to this side of it. My first thought was: door to the future. My first guesses are usually right, just saying…

Did I ever mention how much I enjoy this opening? It’s awesome. Anyway, back to Etta’s apartment, Walter asks to keep her perfume to help him remind her which is the sweetest thing. I guess that in the middle of all the parents grief people kind of forgot about Walter. It was a nice touch. There’s nothing better than some Astrid and Walter interaction, even by phone, to light the mood, though. Because of Walter’s wish for bratwurst there was almost a fire and Astrid had to amberize a part of the lab again. So the next tape will probably be retrieved by next thursday. Then Etta’s phone rang what made everyone go quiet. It was Anil. He wanted to meet where the window was opened (and closed, which left a giant black track of destruction on the floor). When they met, Anil told Olivia how sorry he was for her lost. What irks me is that Peter was standing right beside her and he didn’t even say “I’m sorry for your loss” to him too.

Getting back to the show, my theory was confirmed: the window was a door to the future. The white boxes were equipment for the air controller in Central Park and more of those boxes were coming to finish building it. If the job was finished, it would be irreversible and normal people’s lives would go only up to 45 years, but that we already knew. What we didn’t know was that the Resistance had caught an Observer and, with him there was a book. They were hoping that it says in the book when the next boxes are going to be shipped from the future so they can sabotage the delivery. Peter, who is clearly darker this episode, says that they should use the cube to destroy the door and hit them harder. Like me, Anil noticed what Peter really wanted: revenge. That didn’t stop him though, some time later he was working with the cube.

Astrid and Olivia were talking about the Observer’s symbols and Astrid seemed concerned about Olivia since she was too distracted. She confronted her than realised she was wrong about the Observer’s symbols and started to talk about it. In the end, she needed more computing power. Meanwhile Walter came up with the idea to close the door from our side so that in the future it is created a black-hole. For that they needed to know how to open the door and for that they needed the Observer. Leave it to Peter, y’all. Olivia didn’t like the idea much, though. She went to Peter and they argued about what they should do before Olivia said she afraid for him and Peter said Etta needed to be remembered when they saved the world. Olivia wanted that too so they had to do this. Together. Man, they suffer so much. My poor OTP.

Peter meets with Anil where the Observer was being kept and they wake him up. Then he starts threatening the Observer, who seemed to be affected. I can’t read these guys, actually, so I can’t tell what he was feeling but Peter said he was scared and I believed in him ’cause even I would be scared of him at that moment. Peter then puts a camera in the Observer’s eye to see his natural reactions and starts to put the pieces of the cube together. As the Observer finishes talking about how humans were ants to them, Peter finishes a part of cube. Take that, baldie. Forgot to mention but the white boxes were being moved to the Central Park as this happened.

Back at the lab, Walter arrives with a tape of Etta’s birthday for Olivia and Peter to watch together. He says that he heard their conversation and that he knows that she’s not only afraid for him but for them. Then Walter gives one of the most beautiful speeches he’s given throughout the show about grief and how he’s experienced this and knows that the pain isn’t going to go away by building walls around your heart, by vengeance or by even breaking the universe, like he did. I can’t with this show. Astrid interrupts their moment saying that she figured out the Observer’s language (girl, you rock) and they leave.

Peter once again uses the Observer’s natural reactions to confirm what he should do and put together all the pieces. Just in time since the next “call from the future” is going to happen in half an hour. The team goes to the exact location where the event would happen and open the door before the Observers that were getting there. When Peter was about to shoot the anti-matter device into the door, though, an Observer showed up and he even put up a good fight but he’s no match for the BAMFness of Olivia Dunham. Peter shoots and the door closes itself sucking the boxes and a lot of stuff before really closing. When they were leaving, though, they see another door through which the white boxes were being delivered. Not even Walter knows how to explain that. When Peter goes away to get answers, Olivia follows him but stops when she sees the street covered with posters of Etta  with the word resist in them.

Peter then goes a la torturer on the Observer. He explains that the natural reaction he had was actually fake and that Peter put the cube together ’cause he’s freaking smart. And he mentioned Etta. Big mistake, baldie. Peter says he’d be ten times what he is if he had that tech in his head and something felt off about this line. Like, he’s not actually planning on doing what I’m thinking, right? Oh yeah, he is. Damn, what was up with him cutting the Observer’s neck? All the shaking made ten times more disturbing. Meanwhile Olivia, my poor baby, decides to watch the tape. And the tape is simply devastating with baby Etta laughing and Polivia kissing. I cried. Back to Peter, he makes a small cut in his neck and puts the device he took from the Observer’s head on his own. Once again, disturbing. But shirtless Peter so it’s cool. Until Olivia called him in tears, asking him to go home because she doesn’t wanna lose him. He says it’s ok and she talks about how Etta would want them to go through this together and that she loves him. He answers “I love you too” and hangs up the phone.

Damn. What was this ending? I didn’t see this coming at all. At first I was concerned that Peter would stop feeling, lose hair and stuff but then I saw the next episode’s promo and omg, he’s still Peter, only super awesome with powers! The glyphs formed the word fight and I guess it could mean fight the Observers (I’m like that obvious person). To finish, how gorgeous was Joshua this episode? He’s always gorgeous but there was something about him this ep that made him even more. Also, why hasn’t this show and its actors and actresses won any Emmys? It about time they do, right? What do you think it’s going to happen? Did you like the episode? Do you have any other interpretation to the glyph word? Tell me your thoughts and see you next week, Fringies.