It’s time for the Gossip Girl photo recap for season 6, episode 4 “Portrait of a Lady Alexander.” This episode was delayed a week because of the effects of Superstorm Sandy. I hope all affected are staying safe (especially given the snow storm today, as well)!

All right, on to Gossip Girl! This episode was about everybody finding out they have basically all slept with each other. I am convinced the final scene will just be one huge, ginormous orgy. Roll credits. Because, holy hell! I don’t even know what the point is of having Lily sleep with Steven(is) in the past. Is this going to come up again? Anyone? Anyway, there were also a lot of horses involved. Nate’s Spectator is in trouble. And Dan tries to bang all of New York!

It was kind of a weird episode to recap because not much actually happened… except for everyone just walking around. I guess that’s usually what happens in a Gossip Girl episode. Ready?