It’s time for another Gossip Girl photo recap, this time for season 6 episode 5 “Monstrous Ball”! This episode dealt with finally getting ride of Steven and Sage (or at least I can hope) for good. Chuck continued to try to take down his father, and this time finally enlisted the help of season 5 BAMF Ivy Dickens. Dan also tried to win Blair back, but then they went right back to hating each other. Serena and Blair made up, though.

No wait, they went right back to hating each other. Well, okay. That was the episode. Also, the world’s shortest and most well-produced sex tape was leaked!

Oh yeah and Nate was there.

(I blame the tardiness of this episode on VLC. I updated it stupidly and it couldn’t take screencaptures, so I had to take every screencapture manually. My struggle.)